Callaway Big Bertha Drivers Review

When it comes about sports and playing games so, no doubt we can find a series of games. Playing games not just helps to make us fit but also a great deal to make your mind fresh and replenish. There are so many games and sports which people love to play, and among the series of them, golf is also one of the stupendous and well-known games which people love to play. According to the latest research reports it has been noticed that youngsters and teenagers are taking their keen interest in golf, but sometimes there are few other things which you need to know during or before the time of playing any sports. 

Despite the passion, there are also few tricks and techniques that play an essential and vital role in making you’re playing phenomenal and influential. Today in this article, I specifically try to highlight those factors as well as also give the solutions so then you can make your playing more flexible and reliable. 

Small Rundown Of Best Callaway Big Bertha Drivers

Callaway Golf- LH Big Bertha Fusion Driver

If you are in search o incredible technological innovations or aerodynamics, then I suggest you to consider this one.  This driver is come up with a revolutionary level of transition in forgiveness and accuracy. It has come up with exocage light and triaxial head carbon, which is enough to make your shots good. 


  • Best for both left and right-hand orientation;
  • Have two different flexes regular and senior;
  • Also has come up with two loft degrees one is 10.5, and the other one is 13.5;
  • It has a fusion technology with high-performance shaft;
  • Removes the level of drag-ness and promote fastest swing speed.


  • Triangle shape carbon fiber layer;
  • Composite steelhead;
  • Gives you well-balanced and effective swing speed;
  • Gives you straight high shots;
  • Aligned with tee and lie.


  • Expensive.
Big Bertha Alpha Callaway Driver

This one is best for those who are in search of reliable spin shots and looking for a high level of accuracy. Apart from this, it also helps to elevate your speed during the time of your playing. Rest the shape itself is come up with a metallic face and graphite shaft that gives you a proper trajectory.


  • It has come up with adjustability control and gravity;
  • Advance and adjustable hosel;
  • High strength composite forged;
  • Optifit technology for better adjustability;
  • Eight different combinations of loft and lie;
  • Senior flex and stiff flex options.


  • Sleek design;
  • Adjustable flex;
  • Springy and perfect shot;
  • Gives you the desired distance;
  • Gives you best face space accuracy.


  • Expensive;
  • Not better than big fusion driver Bertha.
Callaway Golf 2017 Men's Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

This driver is also known by the name of great shots and reliable control. This driver not just helps to reclaim your bad swings but also helps you out to align your shots, gives you reliable aims, and impact launches that suit your preference. Apart from this, the adjustments, shafts, and distance of this driver are also advance and according to the need of your better shots and hits. 


  • Innovative titanium exo-cage and carbon triaxle crown combination;
  • 21-yard control and distance shot shape;
  • Redesign your track and sliding and gives you a perfect swing;
  • Comes up with streamlined head, aerospace experts, and airflow for better swing speed and distance;
  • Comes up with eight-way loft and lie adjustability angle;
  • Tour-proven shaft just for the sake to promote power, speed, control, and feel.


  • Comes up with great direction controls;
  • Gives you better accuracy and forgiveness;
  • Has a sweet spot that gives you recovery on your missed shots;
  • Best for straight swings and actual effective speeds;
  • User-friendly.


  • Light shaft and sliding is not that much flexible;
  • Expensive.

By the name of the article, you guys are already aware that I am going to talk about the golf game specifically, as well as the product which I am going to discuss is Callaway. 

Those who are in the field of golf from several years know this product very well, but those who are new, and newly join the golf club for playing aren’t that much aware, so make it clear first then switch to the other steps. One reason behind this product picking is that Callaway is undoubtedly a trusted one and reputable product in the field of golf, especially when it comes about hitting, forgiveness, and range. 

Secondly, during the time of searching, I have spent hours on the net, and the most top-rated and finest reviews which I get are all in favor of Callaway. So nothing is biased here. 

Despite this, the reason of this article is to highlight a small rundown factor in which I can give you some finest and reliable gold range and best hitting driver’s name. As most of the time, people face a hurdle to make their shots perfecta and flexible according to your desire. 

So without any wastage of time, let’s get the ball rolling and see which driver is best for you and gives you better techniques during the time of your playing. 

Callaway big bertha drivers are come up with advance science features that help to boost your range and gives you flexible moving and hitting.


At last, I hope after reading this review, you are aware enough to realize which driver is best for your golf playing. In case you think something is missing or you want to know more in detail about the above-mentioned drivers, then feel free to check their links as well.



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