C3i Wedge Review

Are you in searching of an Iron golf club but with the shortest shafts and highest lofts? If that is the case, then you must try out the C3i Wedge. A good wedge is used for specific situations and offers higher lofts & most precise shafts.

c3i wedge

It allows the golfers to win more and more matches in the golf course. C3i Wedge has got all the things that you might want in a good wedge, and the best thing is that the c3i wedge price is quite affordable. In this article, we are going to review the C3i Wedge that may help you to know more about this fantastic product.

Design & Material

It has an elegant design with high-end performance. The black, white, and red colors combination add more class to the design. At the rear end of the C3i Wedge, there is a “C3i” trademark printed with all the three colors shades. 

You may also see different edges of red and white color. At the front side of the C3i, there are numerous lines that helps the user to hit the shot in an accurate direction. 

The lines are made of white color with a silver background. Other than this, the shaft has a Stainless-Steel material which makes it a sturdy product. The steel offers long-lasting and reliability to this product.

Features & Performance

Features and performance are something that makes the C3i Wedge a must have product for all the golfers. C3i has an extra-wide lob wedge that supports the user to hit the ball accurately. 

Many people complain about the weight of the sand wedge. Most of these Wedges are quite heavy for most of the golfers, especially women or newcomers.

c3i wedge


However, Autopilot knows this fact due to which they made the C3i Wedge with a lightweight functionality. Its weight is around 932g, which makes it easier to carry for both women as well as beginners. 

The auto-glide sole present on this device allows the golfer to hit the ball through the sand without digging or skipping. C3i is designed for both women as well as men. It also offers 12 degrees of bounce that make it a perfect choice on any fluffy or firm sand. C3i Wedge has a flex wedge with a firm grip. 

Holding the C3i is quite easier in comparison to other Wedge due to an excellent gripped material. Another extraordinary thing about this device is that it comes up with three different lofts.

It delivers 55 degrees, 59 degrees and 65 degrees of loft so that the golfer has a variety of option to choose from. The additional degrees of loft assist the golfer in lifting the ball higher without any effort, and you don’t need to learn swing technique for that.

Moreover, it grants an effortless flop shots and a no-friction glide on turf. Whether you are a right-handed player or a left-handed golfer, this wedges is something that can full fill all your needs. So you can choose this device without caring about the hand orientation.

Thanks to the beveled leading edge and extra curve that minimize the interaction of C3i with the ground. Other than this, the Autopilot, manufacturers of this excellent product, has also included a heel and hosel shape to remove snagging and catching during the rough condition. 

You must be surprised to hear that C3i wedge price is quite reasonable. The C3i golf wedge is specially made to provide a less complicated swing. It designs assist the golfer in aiming and setting up the target accurately. 

The ease of swing develops extra confidence while on the golf course. Another positive thing about this device is that it comes up with a one year of manufacturer warranty. 

However, some seller might not offer the guarantee, so you must go with the seller offing a minimum of one year of warranty for this product. The C3i sand wedge agrees all the rules of golf, so you don’t need to worry about breaking any laws with this Wedge.

Buying Guide and Golf Tips 

Most of the people usually ask a lot of related to the C3i Wedge. So to help those people out, we are going to ask some of the most asked queries about this product.

You can purchase C3i Wedge from Amazon. Amazon is a leading product selling brand that offers quite affordable prices on these products. So you can get it from Amazon. However, if you don’t want to buy it online, then you can find out some local golf store in your area.

A leading Autopilot brand is behind is an excellent product. Autopilot is a well-known organization that has been in the golf product manufacturing field for quite a long time. They offer a high-quality product that delivers the best quality to its users.

C3i Wedge quite similar to other golf clubs so you can swing it like other wedges. However, its premium material and three different lofts permit the user to swing C3i Wedge easily. It has a 55 Degrees, 59 Degrees and 65 degrees of loft which support golfer to lift the ball quickly.

Hitting the ball with C3i Wedge is just like you hit the golf ball with other wedges. There is nothing different in C3i in terms of hitting. However, if you are a beginner, then you might require some practice to hit the ball in the right direction.



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