Bridgestone e6 Soft Golf Balls Review

Are you in search of golf balls that cause less Spin, go longer and straighter? If that is the case, then you must try the Bridgestone E6 soft golf balls because it produces less Spin in comparison to firm golf balls.

Golfers usually want to have the best ball so that they can perform well on the golf course. Balls play quite an important role and can affect your performance on the field.

Bridgestone e6 Soft Golf Balls

Golf is a game of accuracy that demands quality balls with high performance and Bridgestone E6 soft golf balls are something that can deliver you the precise and best experience on the golf course. To make our readers familiar with this product, we are writing a review article on it.

Design & Material

Bridgestone E6 soft golf balls are very much similar to the previous models of the same brand. Softness, Speed, and quality are three common things that you will get while purchasing any balls from the Bridgestone Golf brand.

From the design perspective, e6 seems like a traditional golf ball. It comes with a lot of dimples on it that creates a turbulent boundary air layer around the ball, rendering smoothly flow while the ball is in the air. The e6 softballs come in two different colors, such as white and yellow. 

Both the color seems exceptional so you can choose any shade without hesitation. At the front end of the ball, there is an “e6 soft” logo printed that represents the brand of this product. 

The trademark is black colored, which makes the ball seems beautiful. Bridgestone E6 arrives in a pack of 12 balls, so you don’t need to worry about losing the ball. 

Each of the balls is long-lasting so that you can spend quite a long time on the golf course with every ball. This product weighs around 1 pound, which makes it easier to hit the ball at a long distance. 

However, wind can cause a change in the direction of the ball due to lightweight overall it’s a perfect option. The 7.5 x 5.5 x 1.8 inches dimensions make it. 

Thanks to the 2-piece construction that renders a durable golf ball. The 2-piece construction uses a solid core and acrylate or resin, which gives the ball firms touch.

Features & Performance

The first thing that golfers want to know about any golf ball is its features. Bridgestone E6 soft golf balls have got impressive features that deliver high performance on the golf course. 

It uses a Bridgestone golf technology that provides air resistance, resulting in a greater distance shot. This ball doesn’t demand high Spin. Even with the low Spin, you can hit the ball at a greater distance. This is among the smallest spin balls that you might want to try on the course. 

Due to lower Spin, the balls produce straighter shots that allow it to cover more distance. Besides this, the Bridgestone e6 design and soft compression provide limited Spin. 

The spin character that makes it superior to its competitors. If we compare Bridgestone E6 to other premium balls like B330, you will surely see that Bridgestone has an excellent in terms of features and performance. Other than this, it features Mid-Soft feel and Mid-High Trajectory. I

t comes with compression around 40-50. Thanks to the lower compression that makes it a perfect option for players who has slower swing speed.



Most Asked Questions about Bridgestone Golf Balls

Some people usually have a lot of questions regarding the Bridgestone e6 soft golf balls. To clear all those questions, we have added some of the most commonly asked questions about this product.e

Bridgestone golf balls are among the top quality balls that you must try. It offers all the features that a golfer wants to experience in a golf ball. So investing in these Bridgestone balls is undoubtedly worth it.

The compression of Bridgestone e6 is approximately 40-50. This lower compression helps the golfer that has lower spin speed.

Both Bridgestone e6 soft and e6 Speed are quite similar in many ways. Each Bridgestone balls contain three pieces, including a surly outer layer, a mantle layer, and a rubber core, and both the balls offer low compression.

But one thing that makes these balls apart from each other is their bigger core design. Bridgestone e6 Speed has quite a solid feel, but it is softer in comparison to e6 Soft. Other than this, the e6 speed spins are also less if we compare it to e6 Soft.

Sings is the significant difference between Bridgestone e6 and e12 golf balls. E12 Soft is for those golfers who have Speed under 105mph while e12 Speed is for players having much after swing speed. However, both balls help in minimizing sidespin for straighter shots.

A core is something that makes Bridgestone e6 different from Bridgestone e7. E6 has a much softer core, while Core, in the case of e7, is larger that helps in speed-enhancing. E7 Core is made to provide extra distance by enhancing the speed of the ball.

The compression of the Bridgestone e6 speed golf ball is around 70.

Bridgestone E6 soft golf balls have got all the things that you might want to see in a golf ball. It delivers the best result on the golf course.

If you are a person with lower swing speed, then E6 is something that you might want to add in your golf accessories.  This long-lasting product comes in a pack of 12 balls, so you don’t need to worry about spending on any other balls for the next few years.



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