Blade VS Mid-Mallet VS Mallet Putter

Putting has over the years remained one of the most critical aspects of the golf game as it can either influence golfer games positively or negatively, in an attempt to maximize advantage over competitors many golfers often struggle while trying to decide whether to buy a Blade putter or Milled putter and which best suit their game styles and technique.

To save time, here are the things to take into consideration when buying a blade or mallet putter.

First, find out which putting motion you have and decide whether you want to have more straight-back, straight-thru (SBST) putting motion or a more arced putting motion. Although the effect is little, SBST putters offer consistent performance with a mallet putter, while the Arced putters will perform slightly better with a (toe weighted) blade putter. The significant difference between these putters is the design and their weight allocation. The face balanced mallet putters are designed to keep the face square longer, while blade putters encourage the face to rotate more during backstroke and forward stroke. Mid mallets are in between the two, though some could argue they lean towards being toe weighted.

Secondly, choosing between a small compact head or a more massive head. Larger putting head offers better sight line or aiming tool, golfers who need larger sightlines should buy mallet putter. Nonetheless, a golfer with a small profile head and slight sight line preference, the blade is best for you.

You’ll have to prioritize between putting motion vs. overall shape preference when deciding which type of putter is best for you.

Third, consider a model within your budget with appealing aesthetic design. It’s advisable for a golfer to find a putter within his style preference while purchasing within his budget.

Blade Putters

Blade Putters are more suitable for the following individuals:

  • Golfer trying to make their putting stroke based more on feel;
  • A golfer with excellent control of the putter face;
  • Golfers with a putting stroke that has an arc to it;
  • A golfer with a straight back, straight through putting stroke that likes a slim profile head;
  • A golfer that wants to be like vintage Tiger Woods.

The blade putters are an excellent recommendation for everyone except those that want to have the most straight-back, straight thru putting stoke as possible and large sight line or some aiming tool on the putter.

Though no evidence shows, the mallet is better apart personal preference and aiming. The blade putter remains the best choice for golfers who want more feel and intuition on a putting stroke.

Pros: Improve feel, reduce the need to focus on a sight line too much.

Cons: the face twists and turns more due to the arc design compared to the mallet putter.

Best Budget Blade Putter: Odyssey #1 Putters

This Small profile putters offer necessary performance and reduce the need for a sight line and big head. Though some golfers are often alternating between using a blade vs. mallet putter, I always prefer the look of a blade putter more.

Odyssey #1 model putters have everything you need in quality with many different colors choice for a low price. The Hot Pro series putters are grey, while the White Hot Pro series are dark grey. This brand boasts of more blade putter options to meet golfers need.

Best Blade Overall: Scotty Cameron Newport 2

Golfers looking for the best blade putter that offers superior performance not minding the cost should check out the Scotty Cameron putters, this putter is masterfully crafted with better aesthetic design and improve feel.

Although serious golfer mostly uses SC putter, its high price guarantee of superior quality and durability.

Mid-Mallet Putter

Mid-Mallet Putters are more suitable for the following individuals:

  • A golfer that doesn’t want a considerable mallet head;
  • A golfer that wants a little more area for a sight line to get their aim right;
  • Golfer looking to reap the benefits of both blades and mallets;
  • A golfer that wants to be like Phil Mickelson.

Mid-mallet putters are becoming increasingly popular among the PGA tour golfers because this putter can be seen as the best of both worlds as it incorporates certain critical features of both the blade putter vs. mallet putter.

This putter offers enough area of the club to guarantee a decent sight line on the flange of the putter, while its toe weight allows the face to open and close throughout the putting motion. Mid mallets also use an alignment system that makes sure the putter is well aligned to optimize the result.

Pros: excellent “middle ground” putter between blades and mallets, enough area for a good sight line without being too bulky

Cons: Not many designs available, a bit pricey

The Best Mid-Mallet on a Budget: Odyssey #9 or Odyssey Rossie

The Odyssey classic Rossie and #9 model offer decent quality for a bit over $100. These putters are designed to be completely flat on the ground to avoid putting the toe of the putter in the air too much and have been used by famous golfers.

An example is when Phil Mickelson made the Odyssey #9 putters (left) popular, while Brandt Snedeker made the Rossie famous too.

Best Mid-Mallet Putter Overall: TaylorMade White Smoke

TaylorMade super high-quality putters like White Smoke MC-72 and the Tour Preferred Mullen beat off competition from other brands without costing a fortune.

These putters offer the best features and make adaptability with any putter easier while ensuring low budget golfers won’t struggle to afford it.

Mallet Putters

Mallet Putters are more suitable for the following individuals:

  • A golfer that struggles with their aim;
  • A golfer that wants extensive sight line;
  • A golfer that wants a very much straight-back, straight-through putting motion;
  • A golfer that thinks their putter face twists or turns too much.

Mallet putters are growing increasingly popular because golfers can easily aim and putt consistently with it compare to blade putter. The Mallet balanced (square) face design goal was to stop putter face rotation as much as possible and improve aim.

Although most mallet putters have the face pointing to the sky, conversely the blade putter has the heel of the putter pointing to the sky.

The mallet putter ensures golfer won’t have to forcibly rotate the face through impact to square the club, like the, might have to with a blade.

Pros: easy to aim, secure to keep square, lots of different creative designs

Cons: too bulky for some people, emphasis on keeping the club going perfectly straight back, straight through can hurt a good putting stroke.

The Best Value Mallet Putter: Odyssey V Line

The Odyssey V-line putters are great and have received many positive reviews in the golf industry. This putter balance face design helps improve aim and keep it as steady as possible while guaranteeing a long sight line.

This putter offer quality value for an affordable price.

The Greatest Mallet Putter: TaylorMade Spider

TaylorMade knack for producing incredible putter was displayed once again with TaylorMade Spider Tour putters making aim super easy with astonishing feel at impact. The TaylorMade Spider Tour is the best mallet putter for any golfer searching for a large head putter which focused on staying as square as possible.



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