Golf is an expensive sport activity and business to venture into due to the cost of its equipments. While the right golf ball can help you from Tee to Green, spending economically on a premium golf ball can help you minimize cost while hitting the holes with fewer scores.

However, it’s crucial to analyze the pros and cons of every purchase, including the potential return on used golf balls; you can purchase quality used equipment from lots of websites and at a much lower cost, saving thousands over the cost of buying new golf balls.

Careful evaluation shows that there is little or no difference between a used golf ball and a new one with the exception of the price tag and a few scrapes on the ball. Here is the list of the best websites for buying used golf balls.


This is by far the best website to get used golf balls in world today. is not only the place to buy the most affordable golf balls compared to other websites, they also boast of the best customer service unit among numerous competitors offering amazing deals on premium recycled golf balls, including the hugely popular Titleist Pro V1 AAA for as low as $10.49 a dozen, Callaway’s Chrome Soft AAAA for $12.09 and Taylormade TP5 AAAA for $13.19 per dozen.

They also provide lots of different flash deals; Lost golf balls give 15% – 45% discount for Holiday saving special and free shipping [within US and Canada] for any sales over $69. As a customer you can typically grab a big discount as well; enjoy from their free return policy.


Amazon is one of the most convenient website to buy used golf balls online; thanks to them it’s easy to save money on golf balls. The stress of shopping on different website and inputting billing and shipping information in all is over, now we can practically get all we need in a website. It’s no news that Amazon is one of the best online shopping store in the world, more reason why they rank second on the best website to buy used golf balls, Amazon not only deliver goods in good condition but also provide better than advertised service. 

However, Research shows used golf balls such as AAAAA (the best), AAAA (mid grade), AAA (low grade), and Refinished are slightly different in qualities compared to new ones. While about 100 Golf Ball Mix – Value Styles sell for as low as $29.90, 50 Mix near Mint AAAA Used Golf Balls for $22.99 – $199.99 and Titleist Player Mix 48 Recycled Golf Balls White at $23.99.


Do you often think of been a few dollars poorer anytime you hit into the drink? Thankfully, it’s easy to save money on golf balls as websites like help recycle balls that we hit into ponds and forests and sell them at cheap prices. is one of the best places to buy all types of refinished golf balls (basically a thin layer is added to make them look new Again). While it is hard to tell the difference between a refinished and a new golf ball, you’ll only spend a small fortune buying these used golf balls delivered in “Ammo Boxes” package that makes it look good as new.

As one of the best websites for used golf balls; offer enticing discount to their customers such as the $10 off international shipping on order above $125 and 50% off clearance.


The inclusion of Ebay to this exclusive list, is seen in the opportunity it provide golfers to sell and buy golf equipment directly to one another, any golfer who have amassed more used golf balls than needed, hoping to make some extra money by finding a place to sell those balls can easily visit Ebay.

Ebay allows buying and selling of used golf balls by the dozen or bulk, with all brands mixed or separated by brand and type at affordable prices. 


Whether the balls are like new“AAAAA”, mid-grade“AAAA” (with a scratch or two), or low-grade “AAA” (scratches and yellowing) all golf balls are used after one hit.

Everything has a price, and these days, the prices of many commodities are pretty high, but thanks to high quality direct-to-consumer golf balls coupled with the ability to buy used golf balls, you can make it a little less expensive.



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