Best Websites to Buy Used Golf Balls 2020

Even though brand new stuff feels good, however, not everything is worth buying new every time such as Golf Balls. You’re going to lose them anyway on the play. Therefore used Golf Balls are new rage as they come half the price of the brand new golf balls without effect the overall performance and shots.

It has now developed into million dollar industry and majority of golfers opt for used golf balls or refurbished one in order to practice and play. This is because Used Golf balls have been scientifically tested against new balls and the performance difference was not more than 1 yard. Not a big deal?

Maybe you’re aware and that’s the reason why you’re looking to find best places to buy cheap used golf balls.


I will start with this famous marketplace if you are interested to buy them in a more convenient way. Yes Amazon offers some exciting deals for almost all top quality ball models such as Titleist, Callaway, etc. There you can also find 3A & 4A rated balls easily. These kinds of balls come in good condition with few blemishes, markings or owner logos which doesn’t make any difference in the game when used.

So rather than trying new online stores every time and going through hassle of billing and information sharing, you can just toss used golf balls in your Amazon cart with other items.

However, the variety and trending deals may not always appeal most of us. In this case there are some other reliable golf stores where you can get your hands on cheap golf balls.

Found Golf Balls

This is one of the largest AMERICAN Golf ball dealers and a leading seller of used golf balls. Not only the quality is premium and worth every penny but the best part is that it also offers free custom logos on the purchased balls!

Currently there’s a flash sale for golf balls and maybe you want to check it out here (link) for best finds.

They follow strict recycling and grading rules and that’s why their quality of AAA-AAAAA balls completely matches their descriptions. The prices are set reasonably for all best models and in some cases you won’t have to pay the delivery charges. At FoundGolfballs, you can find all brands including Callaway, Taylor Made, Nike, Titleist, etc.

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Golf Balls Direct

This Golf ball seller website was founded in 2001 and since it made to the top sellers with its best quality and excellent customer services. Used balls of almost all brands and models are listed for sale there with accurate grading of 3A-5A so you will be confident about your purchase and the type of ball you’ll be receiving. Most of these are even usable in tournaments; yup there quality is that finest.

Although there prices are lower like other golf ball sellers but it’s their feature of free delivery over $75 purchase that helps them stand out in the crowd. Also they are well-known for offering occasional discounts too to keep the golfers like me from digging too deep in our wallets.

Once you place the order with them, it should arrive within 4-7 days with sturdy packing. 


This one is going to be your favorite online store for getting golf equipment especially used golf balls. Firstly their quality is top-notch and secondly they very much care about customer’s satisfaction. 

You’re going to find here both used and refinished golf balls from Bridgestone, PROV1, Callaway, Nike and many other brands thanks to their vast variety and all that at unbeatable prices. The delivery is free over $65 purchase and even the returns are free. (After all who will return fine quality balls?)

Balls are available in form of dozens, 48, and 96 buckets followed by discounts on bulk orders. Check their newest flash sale here. (Link)

Not sure which ball to get? Take their assessment test to find out.

Golf Ball Busters

If you’re an Australian or reside in Australia, then I’ve this amazing Melbourne based website listed for you to find cheap deals and top-quality 3A-5A used Golf balls. They ship only Australia-wide but they are open to getting quotes for worldwide shipping as well.

Like others they too have a wide range of balls in terms of brands and models. Aside from Srixon, Callaway, Taylor Made, it also offers balls from Nike, Optima Mix, etc. The discounts are mostly available on bulk deals while their mix premium balls features all types of graded balls in one pack.

Used Golf Balls Ratings

Pre-owned golf balls have a grading system according to their conditions. They are cleaned and recycled for further use but the rating put on each ball explains their quality thus giving better idea to golfers.

  • AAA or 3A stands for Good Quality Balls;
  • AAAA or 4A stands for Near Mint Balls;
  • AAAAA or 5A stands for Mint Balls (like New).


Used Golf balls are best for replacing new ones in some cases in terms of affordability without compromising on the game performance. However, instead of getting it from clubs and other sport stores, the easiest way is to order them online from reputable golf ball sellers such as aforementioned ones which make sure that each ball is fit for further use. Moreover, refer to the ball grading guide when buying used golf balls

Do share your experience with us if you have bought used golf balls from any of the above.



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