TOP 4 Best Budget Irons

There is nothing wrong with buying cheaper products but are you buying them with the features you can have in mind is the real question here. Player irons in golfing are one of those products that need to be as high quality as possible so that we can the optimal performance. However, you will that many of these are pretty expensive and it is hard to look past the expensive ones as they often boast more and better-done features. Bear in mind that when it comes to player irons, you are looking for more control over the distance and more precise contact on the clubface. So given below are some of the best options to buy when you are looking for the most features on a tight budget. 

Titleist Men’s T-MB Hybrid Irons

Titleist, one of the versatile manufacturers out there have an option for all you folks who want an economic but potent piece of equipment. The Titleist Men’s T-MB series, specifically the 716 T-MB has been designed to be both hybrids and traditional iron. Even though it is a player iron, it is more effective and workable in all of these scenarios you would need another club. Not only do they shine when it comes to versatility, but they also have one of the classic and robust looks; containing thin toplines and a muscle back design. One of the most notable qualities about the 716 T-MB is the use of the tungsten weight given on along the perimeter of the club head. This gives the user potential to launch high and long distance covering shots as it creates a low center of gravity for the swing, additionally, it increases the MOI for more forgiveness should you encounter a mishit. This might seem like a difficult thing to work with if you do not understand the concept or are a newer golf player but there is really nothing complicated about it. It is all the while beneficial to new and experienced players alike as you are given faster ball speeds, less spin and large distance coverage if we take a look from a playability perspective.

Callaway X Hot Pro

The Callaway X Hot Pro has all of the good features that a player needs and if he wants to improve drastically. This players iron also has a tungsten weight that gives a decent center of gravity to launch the balls higher up with ease. This is also one of Callaway’s many series that has been running from quite a while, mainly because of the quality performance over a short budget so it makes the gear quite famous among the common people. Why does it have such a reputation for performance? Well, first let’s talk about it gives you fast ball speeds and distance coverage and that is done by the iron’s J-shaped face. Even though it is smaller than the other clubs in the X Hot series, the Pro’s J-shape and undercut cavity allows for a low flex and stiff top when you do your swing. The Pro’s head is also very strong combined with a reasonably thin top around the edges which gives a good amount of offset to any player who is confident in his abilities. If the face and cavity technology is not enough to convince you then the grip of the Pro’s is also worth taking a look at as it is different than the fattened up and battered grip of the other models.

Cobra Z

The Cobra Fly Z is a reliable club to have in your hands when you really want to nail down on your shots and cover a precise but fair amount of distance. We are all talking about accuracy here because of the technology that is implemented in the design of this iron. You have the big unsupported face that gives extra flex and transfers the resultant energy on the shots you hit, there is a urethane dampener in the cavity that reduces vibration to give you more feel and sound and it also has a speed channel around the sole and face that can help you maintain the speed of the ball if you do not hit with the center. The deep cavity also offers a good amount of forgiveness and the edges at the top are wide enough to give you the appropriate offset. The use of tungsten and the five-press forging process gives the club that durability and consistency. You will find yourself using it for a long amount of time, which is why it is such a great product to have when it comes to economical prices. Not to mention that the technologies it uses are not found in clubs or not executed at this precise level for the same amount of price.

Nike Covert 2.0

The Nike Covert 2.0 is another great choice to go for if you are on a budget. It uses a NexCOR face that increases the flex of the swing and in return increases the ball speed and the distance covered. The large face is also designed in such a way that it eliminates any drag from that area and redirects the force along the perimeter, this increases the performance of the player and allows for more impactful shots to be delivered no matter from where you hit the ball on the surface of the club. Let us also not forget about the cavity at the back of 2.0 which gives excellent forgiveness on the shots. Nike specializes in creating irons that combine a wide sole and a large head which gives the player the right amount of offset that the players can quickly make use of. The average will also find himself performing great with the distance coverage and forgiveness the iron offers. If you are not finding yourself with enough gain in distance coverage then you can improve your center of gravity by shifting the weight towards the toe and in this way the center of gravity moves more towards the center of the face; this will give you the maximum distance that the iron can enable you to cover.



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