Best Set Of Golf Clubs Under $400

The game of golf was often seen as an expensive sport to venture into in the past, but the reality today is that golf is an all inclusive game irrespective of the financial status and budget constraint. The fact that not many golfers are on the world richest list tells us that the sport is not as expensive as most individuals thought.

If you’re golf ardent who would love to purchase the best golf clubs with limited budget, this article is just what you need to make the best choice of clubs under $400 price tag without buying inferior clubs or off brands. The importance of a premium quality club from tee to green can be seen in the golfers overall results, more reason why some golfers would credit their victory to the aid of certain brand club irrespective of skill levels.

The golf industry has expanded to accommodate various types of clubs and designs, while some are excellent, pricey and of high qualities, others are the exact opposite in terms of features and qualities.

Although, not all golfers have the financial strength to splash close to $1,000 on a club, getting a quality club for a reasonable price is the priority of this research. Most of the clubs listed below are not brand new as we discovered in our research that old products with high quality features sell for lower prices, while newer models can only boast of minor improvements against what marketers would preach to ensure products are purchased.

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For golfers who haven’t mastered the procedure of buying used golf equipments online, here are tips to help make the best choice while avoiding buying inferior goods.

  • Buy from Top-Rated Sellers: Buying from verified sellers with minimum of 4.3 ratings and over 200 successful sales is a good place to start; going through this seller reviews and feedback will also give you insight about other customer’s satisfactory remarks and complaints;
  • Ask questions and details about the product: Making inquiry about a particular product is another means of validating the authenticity of the goods, questions like serial numbers, spec information, and present condition of the product. The quality of response will determine if you’d walk away or buy;
  • Buy top condition golf clubs sets: Ensure products are in good condition, above average is better to avoid craps and off brands. This is to ensure good turn over and cheap price tag;
  • Search for quality Component Brands:  Brands like Adams and Dynacraft might not be as well known as Callaway and Ping but they make top quality products with cheaper price tags;
  • Look for the best deals and offers: When a new model is out, the price of the older product often drop, also the over saturation of a product in market also leads to lower price and good discount rates.

This list below is a mix of used and new clubs with cheap price tags, however all clubs selection are in good condition and price range.

Here are the best golf clubs under $400 available in market today.

Driver: TaylorMade Jetspeed ($40 Used)

The TaylorMade Jetspeed is one of the top golf clubs sets ever released. This underrated club is available for as low as $40 on ebay. The poorly timed release with poor marketing is the reason why this quality club is underrated.

Taylormade Jetspeed offers enough forgiveness, control and feels to help improve the game of any skill level golfer. This model has flooded the market, more reason why its price is relatively cheap and affordable to golfers with limited budget.

Wood: Adams Speedline Super S ($35 Used)

Adams Speedline Super S is a quality fairway wood to add in any golfers collection. This wood offers premium quality service that would rival the top fairway woods while offering the advantage of inexpensive prices.

The Adams Speedline Super S fairway woods aesthetic design is masterfully crafted to improve feel upon every swing while offering high ball flight. The Adams brand produces lots of quality 3 woods; for those who do not like this club other Speedline fairway woods are alternative with same price range.

Hybrid: Adams Pro ($25 Used)

Seeing another Adams product on this budget list is no surprise due to their knack for manufacturing inexpensive golf materials, the Adams Pro is an excellent Hybrid with quality performance for a really cheap price. This Hybrid club is the perfect solution for golfers with low budget aiming to improve their game result and skill level.

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The Adams Pro offers accuracy, great sound and forgiveness to any skill level golfer, particularly those who struggle with long irons, while its compact club head gives it a more professional look.

This club is a good blend of traditional hybrid and a long iron which is highly recommended to any golfer.

Irons ($150 Used)

Club Iron selection is often based on skill levels; the higher handicappers would require more forgiveness and easy-to-hit irons to help improve their games, while professional golfers would prefer forged irons for improved feedback, distance control and feel at impact.

High Handicappers: Callaway X Hot Irons

The best iron set under $400 is the Callaway X Hot irons. These Irons were the longest flying irons at the time of release and offers enough distance for affordable price. The Callaway X Hot irons club head design aids improved ball speed and forgiveness while the strong loft offers enough durability.

A set of these clubs in pretty good condition can be purchased for as low as $145. It is definitely a steal for any beginner-golfer looking to improve his game.

Low Handicappers: Callaway X Forged

Callaway X Forged irons remain one of the best value clubs for professional golfers looking to change their iron set to get better distance control, feel, performance and feedback with low budget.

These top golf clubs sets features and qualities are not really different from the very expensive forged irons which often cost a fortune. It has a unique small head design and offers little forgiveness. This is one of the cheapest forged irons in market currently.

Wedges: Cobra Tour Trusty 56° And 60° (New $50 Each)

Unlike other clubs set, wedges are not really expensive and the price difference between used ones and new ones does not really cost a ton, hence the need to buy a new wedge that will offer enough quality and last for a very long time.

The Cobra Tour Trusty 56° and 60° costs $50 dollar each and offers enough spin and distance control to improve a golfer’s games while maintaining the USGA standard. This top quality wedge is the only new club included in our best golf clubs under $400.

However, those who do not like this might purchase the Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 (NEW) with same price and quality as alternative.

Putter: Odyssey White Hot XG #1 ($40 Used)

The Odyssey brand saturates the market with tons of putters. This forced the price of some older putters to reduce drastically, for as low as $40 a used Odyssey White Hot putter can be purchased.

This blade putter with a small sightline on the topline offers all features needed to sink the ball in the hole. While other Odyssey series such as White Hot XG, White Hot, White Ice, White Hot Pro, and Dual Force can good alternatives, for those who prefer other brands, Never Compromise GZ-1 is another choice I’d recommend.

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