The Best Golf Training Aids for Every Purpose

When playing golf, everyone has their own style and they need different kinds of training aids for themselves. In this article we will be discussing about the best golf training aids for every purpose. Let us get started!

Greatest Training Aids for Putting

Eyeline Putting Mirror

There may be problems of aligning with the ball, sometimes your eyes might not be on the far or sometimes further away. This eyeline alignment mirror can help you get consistency and line your eyes the same every time.

The Putting Arc

In case, your putting stoke doesn’t follow a good and your desired path, you should try using the putting arc, this will help you have a natural arc in your putting motion.

Putting Mat

Let’s get one thing straight, everyone needs to practice and practice makes a man perfect. Try more arc stroke for better putting, and hit right in the elevated holes which give the real golf holes feeling. These mats go a long way and do not cost much.

best putting training aid

Best training aids for getting back to the basics

Alignment Sticks

If you want to be consistent in hitting shots, get alignment sticks which will help you in aligning your shoulders and feet for each shot.

Grip Trainers

If you grip is not how and where you desire it to be, you can guy grip trainers. I recommend SKLZ grip trainers as they are heavier and can be used in the club as well. Work best for people who grip the clubs too lightly.

Best Training Aid for Over swinging (Too Long Swings)

Some golfers tend to swing their arms a little too much. For example, the right arms for right handlers may bend too much or your wrists are too loose to hold the club. The solution to this problem is to turn your shoulders to full and do not bend your wrists or arms.

best putting training aid
  • To stop your arms from bending too much use a swing extender, this will help over swinging stop.
  • In case your wrists bend too much, use a swingdyde, it will help the wrists stop bending. After practicing a lot, you won’t need this.

Best Training Aid for Disconnected swing

For the best golf shots it is important to have the arms and shoulders working together when you swing. For this, use a training aid to stay connected that keeps your elbows closer together.

Best Training Aid for better contact

If you are a player that is not good with topping shots or hitting them fat, you are lacking consistency with your contact. To get this done correctly, use Izzo Flatball. This cuts the ball into one tenth size of the call. Make contact with the bottom and then hit shots.

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Another training aid that can help you is Club face tape, put it on to hit the shots, you will become consistent overtime.

Best Training Aid for Holding the Lag (Best for Flippers)

If you are finding difficulty in holding the lag of the club, you have to trail your wrist. And to help yourself trail your wrist, use the GolfJOC Power Lag Pro + Flat Wrist Pro Trainer it will train you how to hold cupped trail wrist for a longer time period which will result in purer wedge shots.

best putting training aid

Another finest aid is Momentus Men’s Speed Whoosh Golf Swing Trainer, which makes sure that you do not end up releasing the club too soon in downswing.

Best Training Aid for Better Swing Path (Best Training Aid to Stop Slicing)

I have already mentioned this training aid above, you have to use an alignment stick to be consistent on an alignment path. The stick will help you bend a little down which will lead to better swing path.

The alignment sticks are light on the pocket and perfect training aid to hit the ball on the inside. No more slicing.

The alignment sticks also work when you hit too far from inside, out alignment sticks at angle behind you to hit the right shots.

Best Training Aids for Longer Shots or Increased Swing Speed

Some of you might be hitting short shots with low swing speed. To hit longer shots with increases swing speed, use Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar. With this aid swing faster and hit ball a long way.

best putting training aid

First of all while practicing, use lighter clubs to adjust your speed for the right shots and swings. For this purpose you can use SuperSpeed Training system, it uses different weights of clubs.

Best Training Aid for Better Tempo

If there is no tempo in your swings, you aren’t playing it right. Use the Orange Whip or SKLC Gold Flex to add tempo to your golf swing.

Best Training Aids for Chipping

The chipping aids like, putting mats are for practice. You can use a little grass chipping mat in your backyard to practice golf. Take your game to a whole new level by using a chipping mat and practice at night or day when you can’t go to the club.

Best Golf Swing Analyzer

best putting training aid

Do you want to see where your shot goes? The path it takes? Simply use the Zepp Gold 2 3D analyzer, attach it with your glove and use the app to see the swing and your hand path. Moreover, it also shows your club speed, hand speed and tempo. Also, compare your different shots by using this widget.

Use the above training aids to become the next golf professional.

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