Best Practice Golf Balls Review

Are you are a golfer who is in search of top-rated practice golf balls but struggle to find one? If that is the case, then stop your search, today we are going to help you out to find the best practice golf balls 2019 that you will love playing with. In this article, we are going to write about the three best practice golf balls review.

Best Practice Golf Balls for Backyard

A traditional golf club ball is so heavy that you have to take some precautions while playing with it in small places such as a backyard. The cares while playing on the yard is necessary because if the ball get hit something, it can damage it. 

However, after keeping these things in mind, we have brought best practice golf balls for the backyard that can support you even in a small area without much worry.

SKLZ Limited-Flight Practice Impact Golf Balls, 12 Pack

Our first choice for the top rated practice golf balls is SKLZ Limited-Flight Practice. It offers all the essential thing that can make your backyard golf session quickly enjoyable. 

Design-wise, it has got some premium look that comprises a black and yellow color combination. Half of the SKLZ golf ball is yellow while the other half carries a black color.

 This color combination allows the golfer to see the ball quite easily while its presence on a grass. At the front end of the ball, you may see “SKLZ” printed. There are small holes present on the ball to reduce its weight and make it look more impressive.

Coming to the material, it has a durable material that permits the player to have a long-lasting training session. After each hit, the ball seems the same, and you may not find any considerable scratch on it. 

SKLZ comprises these golf ball in the pack of 12, which means that you can play with these ball on your backyard or some other smaller location without worrying about the loss of the ball. 

The SKLZ 0.3 ounces weight makes it a lightweight product that is easier to play. It has a limited flight composition that makes it a perfect choice for practice sessions.

The pop back technology makes the SKLZ golf ball stronger in comparison to other traditional training balls. SKLZ Golf Balls have a regulation size that grants a superior performance on the field. 

It is specifically manufactured to provide a limited flight ability due to which you can get the best out of your training session even at less space. 

Other than this, it is resistant to dents which indicate that you can hit the ball as hard as possible without caring about the cuts on it. It provides a flight distance of around 45 yards.



Faswin 50 Pack White Plastic Golf Training Balls – Airflow Hollow 5 inch Wiffle Golf Balls

Faswin is a well-known manufacturer in the field of training golf balls. This brand tries to deliver the best quality in each of their product, and they have done the same thing with Faswin White Plastic training balls. 

It is a lightweight product whose weight is around five ounces. Faswin golf ball is of pure white color with no other color involved in it. 

There are small circular slots present on these balls from where you can see through. The Faswin pack arrives with the total of 50 balls, which means that you can practice with these training golf balls for your whole life. 

Due to its material, it is a perfect option for both outdoor and indoor play. Thanks to the white color that makes it easier for the player to spot it on the ground. 

There are over 26 holes present on the Faswin golf ball that ensure accurate shot and spin. It has an approximate diameter of 41mm that authorize golfer to use the ball with any golf club. 

One major flaw that you may encounter while using these balls is that long session play can cause dents on these balls which you might not want to see. 

The cuts are usually caused when the player hit the Faswin plastic golf ball with full power. However, these golf balls are just for practice, so you can’t utilize them as a traditional golf ball. Overall it’s a perfect choice for beginners and professionals who wants to do some training in smaller areas.



Titleist Pro V1 Practice Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1 is another top rated practice golf ball. It offers one of the best experience for backyard play. Titleist Pro V1 weight is a bit higher in comparison to other practice golf balls. 

It has approximately weight of around one pound. From the design perspective, this practicing golf ball seems quite like other traditional golf balls. It has white shades and a similar effect to conventional golf balls. 

At the front end of this golf ball, you may see a “Pro V1” trademark present. The trademark is of black color that adds beauty to this white color product. If we talk about the material, then it’s hard to beat Titleist Pro V1. 

It arrives with a high-quality material that can withstand a hard hit. Pro V1 also include cosmetic blemishes that agree to the rules of golf. After using this ball for some time, we have not encountered any performance or construction deficiency in it. 

Either you are going to use it for indoor or outdoor play; you will like using it for both places. It features a much nicer spin and distance, which is another plus point about this ball.





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