Best Golf Shoes 2019

Shoes, especially those for athletes, come in a variety and each of these options specializes in one aspect or another. To pick the best golf shoes, you need to make sure that they are designed for comfort as you will be walking long distances. Those shoes also need to be well resistant against the conditions of the field, for instance, you need to be able to get across muddy areas if the weather on the golf course is moist. The problem is finding the right ones as there are so many pairs to choose from. This review is designed to determine which shoe is best for your specific needs. While some golfers need to focus on golf shoes that provide cushioning and stability for wide feet, other golfers want the greatest touch and flexibility. 

Depending on the extent of your golf course, your body type and priorities, some golf shoes may be better than others. As walking on golf courses becomes more and more popular, golf equipment manufacturers have emphasized the need to make not only high-performance shoes but also those that have common features associated with some of the best athletic shoes on the market today. Here are some of the best-rated golf shoes you can find.

adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoes

For golfers who have a high preference for shoes with spikeless soles but want to be comfortable and stable while walking, a good choice is Adidas Tech Response golf shoes. These golf shoes are very lightweight and can handle the demanding requirements of walking over long distances with 18 holes embedded in the design to give great breathability. The friction of the feet is very small and you will not find yourself tiring anytime soon.

The under sole provides incredible traction throughout your sessions and what’s amazing is how the lightweight design is combined with the outstanding stability of the outsole; the comfort of Tech Response golf shoes begins with lightweight materials. The EVA midsole assists every step of the pair and provides an excellent walking experience. The outer layer of the Tech Response golf shoe is made of high-quality mesh that provides air for the entire foot so that it remains dry.


  • Suitable for warmer climates;
  • Good grip and traction;
  • Soles provide good stability.


  • Very poor water resistance;
  • Sole can be a bit uncomfortable.
Women’s W Tech Adidas Response Golf Shoe

Here is a variation of the Tech Response shoes designed specifically for women so that they can play golf with comfort and finesse. The Adidas Women’s Tech Response golf shoes are also Spiked but have a narrower build. It is made from a microfiber leather upper utilizing climastorm technology that makes it both comfortable and flexible. It also has Cloudfoam insoles that provide reliable stability when moving around the course.

The soles of these Adidas golf shoes also feature THiNTech technology that puts your feet on the ground so you can concentrate on your swing. The Adidas Women’s Tech Response Spiked golf shoes are new in style with their exceptionally aesthetic design and color contrast. The microfiber leather upper also provides good durability to the shoes and some extent, some water resistance.


  • Good value for the price;
  • Very comfortable;
  • Aesthetic.


  • Not enough environmental protection.
Explorer 2 Nike Men’s Golf Shoe

The men’s Nike Explorer 2 golf shoes give you a worthwhile product with their exceptional breathability and design. The shoes have Phylon cushioning for comfort and it also contributes to the shoes being lightweight. This also makes the Explorer 2 a great option for walking and they also have the stability due to the carefully designed embossed upper.

 The outsole is made out of durable rubber and has a powerful integrated traction system that gives you a good grip on a variety of surfaces. Debossed lines on the upper give a good structure and add to the overall stability. Last but not least, the shoes have very good water-resistance.


  • Breathable;
  • Affordable;
  • Looks Stylish.


  • Weak sole;
  • Gets Stained easily.
Callaway Balboa

If you are on the lookout for shoes with great grip and comfort, then the Balboa TRX is your go-to option. These shoes have a waterproof microfiber leather upper, a durable rubber sole, a dura rubber outsole and 7 detachable studs that provide excellent grip on the court, even on wet grass, and are resistant to stains. The Callaway Balboa TRX golf shoes feature a carbon fiber design on the back and a unique layout on both sides, giving modern golf shoes a modern feel.

By adding SLIM-Lok removable studs, you can lower the ground height for increased strength and stability. The Opti-Repel waterproof microfiber leather protects against rough weather while the Opti-Vent mesh lining creates breathability and heat control. Lastly, the Opti-Soft EVA midsole works with the arch to give a natural and comfortable walking experience.


  • Exceptional weatherproofing;
  • Solid grip, even on wet grass;
  • Very affordable.


  • Some people have gotten blisters when they wore it for the first time.
New Men’s NBG Balance 2004 Comfort Waterproof Spiked Golf Shoe

The New Balance golf shoes of 2004 offer some of the most outstanding features in terms of flexibility and lightweight construction. They are also designed to give comfort during long walks and to move naturally with the golfer’s feet. The 2004 men’s golf shoes feature the Champ Slim-Lok Zarma Tour stud system for excellent grip and stability.

The material of the shoe is reasonably tough and the stability of the heel portion is improved upon greatly, especially on the outside. Well-Filled central support is also there to reduce fatigue when you are walking. The waterproof microfiber leather upper with ultralight FantomFit support provides breathability and protection against adverse environmental conditions.


  • Comfortable to walk in;
  • Designed according to foot structure;
  • Very good water resistance.


  • Expensive.


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