The Best Golf Irons for Mid Handicapper 2019

If you have a case of hitting the ball with good or bad shots frequently, then you’d be referred to as a mid-handicapper. To help people overcome this issue, manufacturers have taken note of the different skill levels of golfers and designed clubs that are particularly suitable for people with low, medium or high handicaps; irons that belong to this category are called game improvement irons. They are designed with a larger central hitting area or the best hitting point, which makes your mishits travel farther and straighter. They also provide you with a level of forgiveness that you need as a mid-handicapper. Of course, not everyone is the same so you have to pick the iron according to your requirements. Your improvement will best be determined by an iron that will assess and complement your swing more efficiently.

To help you further narrow down your research, we have mentioned five of the best irons for mid-handicappers, and their features. These five made it to this list because of their overall performance and one quality that highlights them in front of other golf clubs. The goal of improvement iron to enhance the handicapper’s abilities; they are designed to let you hit a harder, higher and farther. If you want to improve as a player, then you need to get one of these and take full advantage of your purchase.

Top-Rated Golf Irons for Mid-Handicapper Reviews

Callaway Rogue Iron Set

Best of 2019: Callaway Rogue

The Callaway Rogue irons are perfect for medium handicap golfers. These stylish black and metal clubs are slightly larger than the competitor’s face to speed up the ball. The 360 ​​cup design allows for more space for high-quality contact, while the variable face thickness gives the club edge a unique degree of curvature to propel the ball at a higher speed. Callaway Rogue irons are also made of tungsten, which is heavier than steel and placed in the best position for long irons to manipulate the center of gravity to improve accuracy.

One of the best aspects of this iron is that it is easy on your wrists, making it one of the best golf iron for mid handicapper for seniors. The clubhead features an elastic polyurethane assembly to reduce the vibration and sound common in other thin club heads. This set of irons has two manual orientations, two shaft materials, three bending options and a range of club options. Mid-handicappers may consider 5-9 irons using the PW and SW options. While the standard Rogue should be far enough away from most moderately handicapped golfers, if you want to maximize your carrying, then Rogue X deserves attention. They have a more penetrating flight than the Rogue and Super Loft lofts.

taylormade m6 iron

The Taylor M6 is one of the best new golf irons for mid handicappers owing to their great forgiveness. The main upgrade from their predecessors, the M4s, is what Taylormade calls the “Speed ​​Bridge Technology.” It is a structural beam that spans the cavity, connecting the top and rear bars of the iron. It stabilizes iron and minimizes shock vibration. Feelings and sounds are very good but provide less counter-attack feedback on the downside, which means you don’t know if you hit the ball, or if the iron is helping you. The rear speed pocket iron ensures that the low-fired face is still well launched and has sufficient rotation and speed.

Like most game improvement clubs, Taylormade’s M6 irons have jacked up lofts that can help you hit the ball further. The pitch is 43.5 degrees and the 7th iron is 28.5 degrees. If you choose the 4th iron, you will get a 19-degree angle. If you are not used to a stronger loft, before you start to the court, make sure you have reached the range and dial your distance again, because you may have a club that is at least longer. You may find that you hit the 8th iron from the old 6 iron distance.

Cleveland has been in the golf equipment industry for a long time, so it’s natural they make something for the mid handicappers. Their newer HB irons are a remarkable product for game improvement and they work especially well for senior players. What qualifies them for this task is that they will give you the extra distance you need with good forgiveness on your mishits.

The unique shape of the Launcher HB face will give you more control over close-range shots, and greater distance plus launch on mid-range and long-range shots; this design is referred to as progressive shaping and it has the power to change your game. Another important detail to be aware of here is that all the irons in the suit have a hollow structure that will redistribute the weight around the club, giving you even more forgiveness when you lean for a swing.

Cobra F8 Irons

Best for 10 Handicap: Cobra King F8 Iron Set

The Cobra King F8 irons are arguably the best or near the best in all of these areas, and these guys are at the top of the list every time you invest in things like performance, value, overall feelings, and other special considerations.

They may seem a bit competitively priced, but don’t sacrifice any value in the process, and, most importantly, they are equipped with an electronic monitoring system that allows you to follow and maximize club performance, which is not present in any of the other models on this list.

Final Words

If you don’t know what you are looking for, buying a new set of irons will be an expensive and confusing endeavor. This is even more complicated when it comes to the clubs designed for mid handicappers, where players can potentially use any of the brand-wide options and still not achieve a degree of success. It is important to know that for golfers within the 8 to 18 handicap range, the search parameters may vary widely and you have to experiment a lot to find a club better for your swing. Be on the lookout for irons that include a pocket-cavity design, a loose head shape, and tungsten weighting to help reduce twists on the heel and toe, thinner faces and sole grooves, which means you’ll find the forces usually associated with large irons.

Those who are successful in finding an iron that boosts their abilities will be in a much better position. That small piece of equipment will provide sufficient sense and control, and higher levels of forgiveness. No matter which manufacturer you choose, you will likely see and feel the benefits of modern technology in golf.

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