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Back in the days before the introduction of the Internet and Personal Computers, golf equipment sales was limited to physical retail shops or golf courses, particularly during tours or major tournaments. This made golf equipment really expensive and less accessible for average individuals as it was seen as games for the elites.

The introduction of online shopping not only break the barriers of exploitative middle man, it also allows golfers get the best deals on golf equipment while enjoying various discounts and promotions available to them with just a click away from their mobile phones or personal computers.

The intense competition of these online market place has over the years been a major advantage to the online consumers as price of equipment are relatively low while saving you the stress of heading to a retail shop, ordered goods are often delivered at your door steps.

While most website often boast of offering best golf equipment deals online, reverse is often the case. In the course of this article you would be provided with best golf equipment websites where you can get the best deals.

Factors to consider when you want to buy the best golf equipment 2019 online


Most online market place gives room for product reviews. Before you buy a product, it is advisable you go through the reviews particularly the negative remarks to understand the pros and cons of the product you’re about to purchase, usually websites with hundreds and thousands of positive reviews translate to the facts that enough clients trust them in the provision of quality service.

Authentic Brand Names

Buying quality products is very important; to avoid the risk of buying substandard goods there is the need to patronize named brands. This way, if you come across any dubious seller or substandard products, you can easily lodge your complain and you would be confident that your money be refunded.


This is the most important factor to consider after product quality when shopping online for the best new golf equipment, various sites offer different prices for similar products. The best website always offers the lowest price for quality product.

Payment Method

The payment platform should be secured and easy to operate either via third parties such as Webpay or Visa and Mastercard. The payment helps guarantee that client’s funds are not compromised or deducted without proper authorization.

Site optimization

The websites should be properly optimized and accessible on various devices such as the Mobile Phones, Tablets and Personal Computers. It should be able to have stocks for various goods and educate potential buyers on best brands and alternative products.

Feedback and good customer service

Positive feedback of over 98% coupled with a good customer service is a major boost for any website; the customers are the priority of any business and a cogent reason why most of the websites still function. A positive experience guarantees loyalty of this client.

With these characteristics in mind here are the best place to buy golf equipment in 2019

best golf equipment sites

Amazon is one of the most convenient website to buy used and new golf equipment and apparels online; this website is stocked with almost all the equipment you would ever need ranging from Clubs, Balls, Rangefinders, Golf GPS and Wears.

The real reason Amazon is topping the list is that they guarantee quality service delivery why eliminating the stress of shopping on different websites and inputting billing and shipping information.

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Last year, I got an amazing deal on premium recycled golf balls and The Callaway Golf Rogue, while about 100 Golf Ball Mix Value Styles sell for as low as $29.90. Though they are not brand new, but you wouldn’t know if I didn’t tell.

Amazon is the best golf equipment websites as it helps save money by offering registered and visiting clients mouth watering discounts on golf new equipment. Amazon is the best online shopping store in the world because it’s reliable and goods meet standard requirement, not only do they deliver goods in good condition but also provide better than advertised service.

best golf equipment sites

Ebay is the Second best website when you wish to get the best deals on golfing equipment, it offers the avenue for anyone to become an online seller, this competitive structure create very low price range due to the surplus of sellers available.

Ebay is unique because it provides golfer’s opportunity to sell and buy golf equipment directly to one another; any golfer who has amassed more used golf equipment and his hoping to make some extra cash by finding a place to sell those equipment can easily visit Ebay.

While buying on Ebay has it advantages, it also gives rooms for fraudulent people to sell substandard products, so buying from reliable, verifiable seller should be any buyer’s priority.

Sellers such as, and are good examples of reliable sellers on Ebay.

I often visit Ebay anytime I wish to purchase used golf equipments and apparels at affordable prices.

best golf equipment sites

Most average golfers who cannot afford to lavish all their incomes on expensive golf equipment find it easy to save money on websites like, this site offer great deals on golf equipment such as Golf Clubs, Balls, Bags, Apparel. offer golfers the avenue to trade your used clubs for some hard cash and enticing discount such as the $10 off international shipping on order above $125 and 50% off clearance which can only be compared to Ebay. is one of the best places to buy all types of golf equipment because it is reliable and allow clients enjoy from their free return policy.


Amazon is by far the best golf equipment websites to get the best golf equipment in 2019; it is reliable and never disappoints.

Ebay follows closely as the best seller choice and price range for products. is the last on this list and a good place to buy golf equipments too.



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