Best Golf Drivers for Beginners

Having the right golf driver is an essential thing for a golfer and can cause a significant impact on performance — the excellent golf driver comes with high forgiveness, greater loft, and better quality shafts. 

A professional golfer might not find it hard to locate a golf driver having all these features. But if you are a beginner, then you may struggle to discover a good quality golf driver. However, to make thing easier for newbie golfers, I have compiled a list of some of the best golf drivers for beginners.

TaylorMade M2 Men's Driver 460cc

Best TaylorMade Golf Drivers for Beginners: TaylorMade M2 Men's Driver 460cc

Whether you are a beginner or a trained golfer, you must try TaylorMade M2 Men’s Driver 460cc because it is designed for all type of golfers. This product comes in two different shaft material, including Fujikura Pro XLR8 and Graphite. 

Other than the two shafts, the TaylorMade 460cc also offers four types of Flexes and three distinct lofts. Player has the other to choose 9.5 Degrees, 10.5 Degrees, or a 12 degrees loft depending on their need. 

It has a unique multi-material construction that contributes extra stability and durability. The 6-layer carbon crown makes the golf drivers sturdy. Other than this it also has a 911 skeletal Titanium that offers strength and reduces the weight of the product.

TaylorMade M2 Men’s Driver 460cc weight is around 1 pound. Thanks to the Geocoustic technology that yields excellent forgiveness. 

The premium quality material authorizes the golfer to hit the ball at much further distance comfortably. Other than this, it is suitable for both right-handed as well as left-handed people.



Callaway Golf Men's Rogue Driver

Best Callaway Golf Drivers for Beginners: Callaway Golf Men's Rogue Driver

Callaway Golf Rogue Driver comes up with the X-Face VFT and jailbreaks technology that offer exception ball speed as well as long distance.

The carbon composite surface used in this product delivers extra forgiveness.  It also has a high-MOI shape with the overall weight of around 694 pound. 

The Callaway Golf Men’s Rogue Driver offers a variety of different option for the golfer. It grants four variants of shaft material and four different flexes. The user can choose Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff, or a senior flex.

Moreover, this product comes with three different loft, including degrees 9 Degrees, 10.5 Degrees, and 13.5 degrees that permits the golfer to hit the ball at a longer distance. 

Thanks to the Redefined leading-edge shape that boost the performance for higher head speed and airflow. Other than this, the Callaway Rogue Driver arrives for both right as well as left Hand Orientation.



NIKE Junior Individual Kids Golf Clubs

Best Nike Golf Drivers for Beginners: NIKE Junior Individual Kids Golf Driver

If you are a rookie and don’t much about golf, we will recommend you to choose the NIKE Junior Golf Clubs. This product is made explicitly for junior as well as beginners. 

It is a lightweight product that weight around 794g which makes it easier to carry. Thanks to the stainless steel construction that makes it a long-lasting driver.

The graphite shaft helps the beginner to hit the ball hard without causing much effect to the hand. NIKE Junior Individual Kids Golf Clubs has a lower gravity head design and alignment aid that assists in improving the set-up. 

Another positive thing about this product is its high loft. The upper loft supports a solid launch. Although it is the right product for beginners, still we will not recommend you to use it if you are a professional player.



Cobra Women's F-Max Offset Driver

Best for Women Golf Drivers for Beginners: Cobra Women's F-Max Offset Driver

F-Max Offset Driver is the latest entry from Cobra brand in the golf driver market. This product is specially manufactured for both left-handed and right-handed women. 

The shaft material is composed of graphite that delivers stability and strength. It grants 15 degrees of loft which support the golfer to hit the ball higher and further. The Cobra Women’s F-Max driver weight around 793g which makes it easier to lift. 

It also has Crown alignment on the front side that support the women to hit the ball in the right direction. The face-forged Titanium is employed in this product for more speed and distance. 

Golfers are very much impressed due to its ultra-light construction that permit women’ a straightforward swing and allows them to play with confidence. Cobra F-Max produces a lesser sound during its contact with the ball.



Pinemeadow Pgx Offset Driver

Best Budget Golf Driver for Beginners: PGX Offset Golf Driver

Are you on budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a gold driver? If that is the case, then don’t worry because Pinemeadow Golf has the solution for you and that solution is PGX Offset Golf Driver. 

It is a lightweight as well as budget-friendly product that will not cause much effect on your pocket. Thanks to the lightweight that makes it easy for all type of golfer to lift the golf driver quite comfortably. 

Its weight is around 200g. The matte black finish on PGX driver offers a sleek look. Although it is a cheap golf driver, still it contains a high-end material that makes it a long-lasting product. 

It provides a 10.5 Loft and the right forgiveness. The offset of the PGX driver supports the player at impact. Other than this, it also comes with a Headcover so that you can cover it when not in use.





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