Best Golf Cart Batteries Review

Making a switch to finally owning your golf cart instead of renting one is a fair decision if you spend the majority of your time on the course. However, that does mean that you will have to be the one who is responsible for the performance and care of your cart. When tending to your golf cart, you need to be aware of the battery as it is the core component that will power the entire thing up. It can be a daunting task to look for the ideal battery if you do not have much knowledge about golf carts or the battery types, and that is why this article will help.

The first thing to know about golf cart batteries is that they are typically smaller than the ones used in cars. They also have a deeper discharge or charging cycle than the typical ones as most electric golf carts require a lot of power for their function. The factors that you need to keep an eye out for a good battery are: a long battery life, efficient design for long and continuous discharge cycles and durable construction so that it can survive the bumps on the golf course. Here are some of the best batteries that encompass all of these features, and more, that you can find on the market.

Best Golf Cart Batteries

Trojan Trojan 6 Volt Battery T-105

The lead-acid battery T-105 produced by Trojan is considered to be the best battery used in golf carts. This is a rugged and reliable high-quality battery utilizing Trojan’s fiberglass partition design and unique paste formulation.

Before the product was evenly distributed, Trojan ensured excellent quality through its nearly 200 checkpoints. Their boards are 30% thicker than competing brands, which further proves that their durability is not to be underestimated. Although the battery weighs about 62 pounds, it compensates for this by providing enough battery power and power to keep the golf cart running, and if it is used at 25 amps per minute, it can last for about seven hours.


  • High capacity battery;
  • 36-month warranty;
  • Delivers less peak current.


  • Requires a fair bit of maintenance;
  • Heavyweight.
Amstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart

Unlike many other batteries, Amstron’s GC2 6V AGM golf cart battery is completely maintenance-free. The battery is not just limited to golf carts, but can also be used in wind engines, solar engines, and other domestic engines. The battery is also designed to provide long backups for your golf cart at a lower price.

The Amstron GC2 uses an absorptive glass pad technology that leaves no free liquid in the cell, thus, no heat is generated during the cycle, the battery is quickly charged, the discharge speed is slower and more stable; the lack of liquid also ensures that there is no need to worry about freezing. Another unique feature is that the battery helps by reducing the minimum hydrogen emissions to just 4%. The total capacity of the battery is 210AH while the reserve capacity can give you 475 minutes at 25A to 124 minutes at 75A.


  • Does not require much maintenance;
  • No need to refill water;
  • Constant 6-volt voltage;
  • Long-lasting.


  • Expensive;
  • Heavyweight.
VMAXTANKS 6 Volt 225Ah AGM Battery

This battery sets itself apart from the others in this list by being a one-time investment in profit-taking for multi-purpose use. Durable, robust and technologically advanced, the VMAXTANKS battery are the reason your golf cart keeps running for such a long time.

They are based on an electrolyte suspension system and are completely free of any type of contaminating gel or silica. VMAX batteries are performance-centric and have been recommended by experts in the field for continuous use. These batteries are also completely maintenance-free and can be recharged and discharged multiple times without affecting their function. They are rugged, heavy-duty batteries that generate 6V to drive golf carts.


  • Ease of Use;
  • Maintenance Free;
  • Long lifespan of 8-10 years.


  • Slow discharge;
  • Needs to be frequently charged.
Mighty Max Battery ML35-12 - 12V 35AH U1 Deep Cycle AGM

It’s another reliable, compact product and one of the best 12V batteries that can power your golf cart throughout the course with low power consumption. The battery is maintenance-free and there is no need to worry about refilling and checking the electrolyte level; it also has a microfiber separator that effectively traps electrolytes.

The top and sides have flexible connections for added strength and durability. The Mighty Max ML35 is also a fast-charging battery that can take four to five hours. Aside from all of the ease-of-use qualities, other features include the durable ABS plastic case, which gives the battery plenty of strength or sturdiness. It is also anti-drop and will not break despite encountering a lot of bumps on the course.


  • Versatile;
  • Affordable;
  • High-quality and Durable build;
  • Charges faster and discharges much slower.


  • Does not come with a wire harness and other connectors;
  • Not very powerful.
UPG UB12350 12V

Universal Power Group’s UB12350 battery is one of the best lead-acid batteries on the market today. If you have a high-tech golf cart, then this pair of batteries is the perfect complement to the battery. They are manufactured by reputable manufacturing plants, which means you can be assured of their quality.

The battery is also very lightweight and strong, giving your golf cart top quality power and longevity. They also make use of the absorbent glass felt technology, and therefore, can be used for a variety of purposes other than golf carts, like solar panels. The UB12350 is also one of the most economical choices thanks to the latest technology. There come in two pieces and you get a worry-free battery that lasts three to five years.


  • Affordable;
  • Long-lasting;
  • Easy installation;
  • Leak-resistant.


  • Recommended to not discharge the battery below 50%.


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