Best Golf Balls for Kids

I don’t know how many of you guys are a lover of this golf playing. But in recent years one thing which I notice most is the craze of kids for golf. No doubt golf is one of the hardest games ever as it has come up with different aspects and each aspect demands a full focus and considerations but keeping these things aside, kids love and prefer to play this game/ sport as compare to the other sports. 

So my today’s article is all about the little (kids) golfer in which I try to jot down the best golf balls for average golfer, kids golf balls, and also a golf ball compression chart for the basic or new players so then they can make their playing smooth and hit an accurate shot according to their desire. So without any wastage of time, let’s get the ball rolling and explore the 2019 best golf balls for kids together.

2019 Best Golf Balls For Kids

If you are a beginner or a kid or start playing in a basic way then I highly recommend you to go with the low compression golf balls. I am saying this, because a low compression ball gives you 200 yards distance and a swing speed of around 80-85 mph which is quite suitable for kids. 

But the thing is how to pick the right and average level of golf balls for beginners and kids so to counter this issue I am jotting down a small rundown of the best golf balls which also lie under the banner/ table of low compression. 

Golf e6 Soft Bridgestone White Balls Compression 46/72

Well, if you are in search of something that gives you perfect accuracy, distance, and smooth hitting then I highly suggest you to buy the dozen of these white golf balls. The thing that makes this ball unique is its air resistance and smoothness so during the time of playing you feel light and enjoy your game without having any kind of pressure or tension. 


  • Delta dimple design;
  • Long spin iron;
  • Gives you straighter shots;
  • Greater visibility;
  • Advance mantle;
  • Low driver;
  • Best golf balls for average golfer.


  • No cons as far.

RX Tour B Golf Bridgestone Balls Compression 64/66

This ball has come up with a traditional core compression and offers you a softcover formulation with aerodynamics enhanced and extra dynamics. Plus its dual dimple technology gives you efficient trajectory with consistent performance and flight.


  • Kids golf balls;
  • Cover seamless technology;
  • Urethane slips cover; 
  • Graditional core compression; 
  • Efficient trajectory ball;
  • Less drag;
  • Best for accurate distance.


  • No cons as far has been noticed.

Chrome soft Callaway golf 2018 Balls Compression 75

Sometimes golfers are in search of extra or ultra softballs that gives them extra speed but with low spin (off) the driver so if you are in search of something like this, then my suggestion is to highly consider this ball. As this ball is perfectly designed according to your considerations


  • The greenside pinpoint control feature; 
  • Offers you great control and distance;
  • Low spin off driver; 
  • Ensures you an ultra-soft feel;
  • Fast speedball;
  • Ensures you free shipping.


  • No cons has been noticed yet.

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Q-Star Srixon Golf Tour 2 Balls Compression 72

The thing that makes this golf ball unique or different from other balls is its third generation elastic coating and better greenside spin approach. Despite this, the ball itself also comes up with gradient energetic growth advance core that helps to maximize your distance and optimize your ball performance as well. 

Rest it has a 338 dimple aerodynamic speed pattern with optimal design, more flight, penetrating, and stability. 


  • 2019 best golf balls;
  • Free shipping; 
  • Elastic coating;
  • Tour cover urethane;
  • Greenside tour caliber spin for (total) control;
  • Energetic core gradient advanced growth;
  • Optimize ball; 
  • Seamless energy;
  • Optimal dimple pattern design;
  • Aerodynamics 338 speed.


  • No cons as far.

Buying Guide

What is the best golf ball for juniors? 

Well, as I said earlier that low compression golf balls are best and suitable for the kids and the beginners despite this, the above-mentioned rundown is designed under the consideration of beginners, average, and kids.

What are the best golf balls for beginners?

No doubt there are a bunch of balls that are available in the market for the beginners but among the series of them I highly recommend you to consider call away, Taylor made, Srixon, bridge stone, Titleist, Wilson Staff, Volvik, and US kids Yellow (ball) golf balls. The reasons behind this, these brands are well-known and have its own reputation in the field of golf since a series of years. So you can easily rely on these golf balls as compare to the other golf balls. 


Hope this article will help you out and make your buying easy and stress free. In spite of this, if you think there is something missing or you want to know more about the golf balls in details or still in search of furthermore golf balls options then I request you to go through these below-mentioned links:

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For your easy buying I also attached the links of each golf ball review in the end so then you can also go through and order your favorite or desirable golf balls without having any kind of hurdle. 

At last, to know more or anything else related to the above-mentioned rundown golf balls or you have any query related to golf balls then feel free to bug me in the below-mentioned comment section box. I will try my level best to trigger all your questions.



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