Super Game Improvement Irons 2018 Review

Super game improvement irons are way capable than game improvement irons. The super game improvement provides the player most weight behind the club face that allows even the foul thrown shots to fly straight. The designs on these irons are basically alike to the hybrids, the irons are bulky and heavy.

Following are some Point for People Who Should Use these Irons to Facilitate Themselves:

  • It helps the mishits to glide effortlessly through the air.
  • The player tends to put less focus on distance, distance control and feel.
  • The irons are designed to get the ball airborne as effortlessly as possible.

Super game improvement irons are made for people who have just been introduced to golf. Beginners face a tough time when it comes to hitting the center of the club face. So, these irons help them to fly their foul thrown shots decently compared to what other irons have to offer. People who do not often play enough finds it difficult to aim right and hit the ball to get it airborne especially when they are using mid and long irons. With super game improvement irons, the person can attain a very low center of gravity helping the golfers to get the ball in the air with higher launch angles. Stragglers can benefit from them too as in exchange for giving up the control for distance, they can increase the forgiveness and height factor for their shot.

It is vital to know the best options of 2018 for super improvement irons available in the market. Following is the list of the best finds of 2018 when it comes to super game improvement irons:

Callaway Big Bertha OS:

best super game improvement irons

They discovered that higher-handicappers need more assistance with the low and middle irons. Callaway features tungsten to help slow the effects of center of gravity which in return helps the ball to be airborne in no time and effortlessly. Center of gravity tends to get progressively high in short or middle irons for increased control. The revamped cup face is designed to provide functions more effectively. Loft: 7-iron; 30-degree, PW: 44 degrees.

Cleveland Launcher HB:

best super game improvement irons

The Cleveland launcher HB has a hybrid design which makes it easy to hit and is made for golfers who need more assistance than others. The hollow design integrated in this iron incorporates a wide sole and a high strength steel face insert. All of these factors contribute to higher flight and fast speed of the ball. The shape of the head is sleek and the look is more palatable. Loft: 7 iron: 30 degrees; PW: 44 degrees.

Cobra F-MAX/One Length:

best super game improvement irons

To launch a ball is not a hard job even for a slower swinger but to launch it with the height and the perfect carry, you need speed. These irons are equipped with speed-enhancing ideas like lightening shafts and swing weights. The iron offers great grip, have a sleek and clean design and has different construction depending upon the lofts. From 4- iron to 7-iron use a thin face construction made from 17-4 stainless steel. 431 stainless steel is used for short irons to deliver the feel and comfort. Loft: 7-iron: 31.5 degrees; PW: 45 degrees.

Honma Beres IS-06:

best super game improvement irons

Honma is well-known for being a premium brand. Their focus seems to be their expertise in assisting the slow swingers. To foster the ball speed, IS-06 is equipped with a new head design, a forged body with maraging steel face that envelops around the sole. From 4 – through 8-irons, three slits near the sole and face enhances spring on mishits. A better control is delivered when the golfer is using maraging steel that doesn’t envelop in the sole. A true lover of speed would love the new 50-gram lightweight shaft. Loft: 7-iron: 28.5 degrees; PW: 41.5 degrees.

TaylorMade M CGB:

best super game improvement irons

TaylorMade is made to deliver for skilled golfers typically but the company seems to be expanding its audience with this particular iron. The ultra thin faces of the iron provide plenty of spring and the face slots tends to widen the flexible area. To lower the center of gravity, the iron integrates four tungsten weights in the rear heel and toe area which provides higher launch and improved stability. The iron still looks to be designed for skilled people but makes the swings for the beginners effortless. Loft: 7- iron: 329.5 degrees; PW: 43 degrees.

Wilson D300:

best super game improvement irons

The design already added to the C200 series seems to be continuing in this series too. The D300 uses a series of “power holes” around the area of the topline, toe and its sole to develop a flexible face. The holes produce a distance between the body to the face to just 26 percent. Around three-fourths of that area is occupied by the holes on the iron. These holes result in a face that deflects more while also removing a significant amount of weight. The area that is saved is moved to the heel and toe area to increase the stability for the golfer. Loft: 7-iron: 29.5 degrees; PW: 43 degrees.


best super game improvement irons

The X iron which is also the company’s 10th generation iron which produces a significant swing and ball speed through two of the features of this iron; one being that it is lightweight while the other is high-balance-point graphite shaft and a face that is crafted out of titanium. The saving of weight enabled the designers to use the 21 grams in the form of tungsten-nickel weights to get more weight down low to enable the golfer to swing high and get the ball airborne. Loft: 7-iron: 29 degrees; PW: 43 degrees.

All the above irons offer the best grip and support to get the ball airborne even if the person is a beginner is about to start their golfer journey. Lightweight and made to generate distance while making the best shots that doesn’t seem to be made by an amateur.

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