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For the last couple of years, driving irons have become more and more popular in the golfing world. The reason is the advance in their developments with all the new face technology and design. Driving iron is a long iron that is designed to be more forgiving and practical than the usual blades, all the while, retaining the advantage of the accuracy and efficiency that iron provides. They are low pole irons that allow the golfer to reach from the tee far away and the hits are done by them often have the ball traveling lower, or faster, to the ground compared to fairway woods or woods. The rear of the club that drives the iron is usually larger than the standard iron, which increases the weight of the swing and allows the club to be further away from the grip.

More importantly, driving irons are generally considered to be more accurate and have better performance in windy situations than a hybrid or fairway wood. They are also suitable for any golfer who wants to increase their flexibility before they can participate in big golf tournaments. The ability to hit a low shot can be beneficial in poor driving conditions or when striking under a tree. Since the USGA allows golfers to use up to 14 golf clubs, including putters, having a driving iron to your bag does not harm and you are always prepared for unexpected scenarios. Picking a suitable driving iron is also a challenge but down below, we have selected some of the best ones on the market. They are also suitable for certain types of golfers or conditions, such as low or high-handicap.

Mizuno MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Iron

MP-18 Mmc Fli Hi 5I Mizuno 2018 MP-18 Mmc Fli Hi...

Mizuno’s Fli Hi irons series is a famous figure among driving enthusiasts, as it has been a permanent fixture for their hardcore products for quite some time. Mizuno has been focusing on the low center of gravity to help players lift the ball from the ground. For those who have been playing games and starting to figure things out and score in the 70s, this may be an ideal first driver. A golfer who knows how to knock down a low-runner will find the MP-18 MMC Fli Hi a bit frustrating, but players who love hybrids and are wont be worried about transitioning to a driving iron, and they may find this a good compromise between the two.

The extraordinary consistency of the MP18 MMC Fli Hi drive iron is a serious advantage in any game. It can tolerate a bad swing and produce reliable results as a mediocre swing. The results are not exceptional, but it’s really useful to keep the momentum of the game strong.


When you look at the design of the iron, the center of gravity tends to be extremely low and deep: the sole is large and deep, and the bottom line is very thin. All the weight of the head is concentrated as close as possible to the ground – so Fli Hi is part of the name.


  • Easy to hit good shots;
  • Great forgiveness;
  • Consistent trajectory.


  • Takes a while to get used to;
  • Doesn’t specialize in any particular area.

TaylorMade P790 – Utility Iron

TaylorMade Golf P790 UDI Utility Club #2 RH Stiff

If you are a skilled golfer looking for the cream of driving irons, then you should not miss the equipment provided by TaylorMade. Through a great deal of research and testing processes, they found the club to have the highest upside in all putters and utility irons on the market. The club is characterized by interesting constructions that are becoming more popular with the rise of driving irons

This iron is neither the back of the cavity nor the blade, but a hollow iron. Inside the hollow cavity is a material called “speed foam”. This new material used by Taylormade reduces the vibration of the club and helps support the face of the club. The utility iron is marked with a 2 iron and the attic is 17 degrees high.


In their design, there is a special speed pocket on the lower part of the clubface. This is good for stinging, also known as the low long iron throws with lots of rolls, and lower predictable ballistics. If you are a new golfer, or just prefer low-iron, then the Taylormade P790 is a good choice.


  • Highest Upside Driving Iron;
  • Stinger Capabilities;
  • Great distance coverage;
  • Preferred by Pros.


  • Difficult to use;
  • Smallest Club Face.

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Srixon Z U85 Driving Iron

Srixon Z U85 Utility Club 3i 20 S Right Hand, (Right...

The Srixon utility iron is yet another complement to the new list of drive irons on the market. Similar to the Taylormade model, the club is also hollow. By keeping the clubhead hollow, a greater degree of contact can be achieved and a higher ball flight can be promoted.

The club’s head is deeper than your traditional iron, which adds to the sense of tolerance and ballistics. The club’s exterior is very beautiful with a chrome-like clean design. The idea behind the club’s aesthetics is to appear on the address like an ordinary iron.


Since many mid-range obstacle players still have questions about fairway wood and hybrids, Srixon hopes to give the club a confident look before the swing.


  • Perfect for scratch golfers;
  • Great spin control;
  • Efficiency;
  • Good looks.


  • Intimidating when used initially;
  • Poor forgiveness.

Thomas Golf Hollow Head Driving Iron

#3 Hollow Head Driving Iron - 21 Degree - Men's Regular...

Here is iron for addressing problems with higher handicaps and slower swing speeds. Most of the other irons on this list will focus on players with faster swings and better performance. However, this is designed for players who want to hit a high and straight ball without too much bending. Thomas Golf’s hollow-headed iron shaft is shorter than the traditional 3rd iron and is, therefore, easier to hit than most three-bar iron. However, you will sacrifice the distance to the shorter shaft because it is difficult to produce the head speed for the shorter shaft.

The main feature of driving iron is here: the hollow head. The hollow head design spreads the weight to the outermost edge of the clubhead to increase the size of the best hit point and help correct the missed shot. A club with a very high peripheral weight brings the main disadvantage of a better player: you lose operability.


Most hardcore shoppers who drive are looking for a club that can be easily drawn or faded, and the club does not have enough side turns on the ball to achieve this. Moreover, the position of the center of gravity of the clubhead is very low, which makes the shaft have a high launching force. It’s a good thing to tout this often, but in the drive, this is not what most players want. 


  • Very forgiving;
  • Easy to get the ball in the air;
  • One of the best for high handicappers.


  • Ball flight too high for better players;
  • Not very workable;
  • Distance is lacking.

Buying Guide

What is the Best Golf Driving Iron?

From the list of irons up above, the TaylorMade P790 UDI is the best. The company used the feedback from travel professionals to create a driving iron that made the iron look clean and neat. The P790 UDI has everything and its functionality is far from what you can find by driving an iron. TaylorMade is known for making some high-performance golf clubs. Normally, their drive and fairway wood will steal the show, but their P790 UDI is one of the best drive irons on the market. The P790 UDI is equipped with all the latest technology, easy to click, and the results are self-evident. The P790UDI uses TaylorMade’s new SpeedFoam technology to provide maximum distance.

Do Pros Use Driving Irons? 

In recent years, practical irons or driving irons have sprung up in golf, and advanced technology has made these clubs a better alternative to traditional long irons. For many better golfers who used hybrid clubs or fairway woods, their interest in driving irons has grown greatly.

Coincidently, driving irons have traditionally been designed for really good players because they require high head speed and good contact to put the ball in the first place. Many slow-paced amateurs find it difficult to hit a worm burner with a traditional drive iron. However, recent technological advances, such as hollow heads and tungsten toe weight hammers, have pushed the push of iron into the minds of amateurs with disabilities, who have difficulty encountering wood and hybrids.

How Far can you Hit from a Driving Iron?

Depending on the manufacturer, a good reference point for the average distance of a shot taken by driving iron is about 10-15 yards shorter than the distance of the three clubs. Therefore, if you hit 200 yards with a 3 yard, your driving iron will reach 185 yards if you hit well. The drawback is that a driving iron will give the golfer a lower chance of hitting it instead of a soft landing.

Can you Hit a Driving Iron from the Fairway?

Driving iron is different from a hybrid golf club, which is a combination of fairway wood and iron. Golfers can use the driving irons outside the fairway, but the main purpose of this utility club is to use it outside the tee box. When hitting a long ball from the fairway, the fairway woods provide more forgiveness and consistency.

Driving irons are often considered to be more accurate and superior in wind performance than hybrid and fairway wood. So, if you are a decent player and want to score a hit from the fairways, then it is worth studying about it.



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