The Best Drivers for Slow Swing Speed

Drivers are not all made alike. The perfect driver for a more youthful man with a 100 mph swing speed will be not quite the same as one for a senior with a 60 mph swing speed. Thus, I’d urge you to locate the best driver for you… one that will enable you to hit it as straight AND far as could reasonably be expected.

So how are drivers for seniors not the same as customary drivers?

They are lighter: in a perfect world, seniors ought to play with a driver that has a lighter club head and shaft. A lighter club will enable you to hit it more remote than an ordinary driver that is a tiny bit heavier. Indeed, even a little contrast in club weight will have a major effect with regards to how quick you can swing. A lighter club head and shaft will enable you to produce more clubhead speed with a slower swing rate, however, it will come at the expense of more consistency. You have to locate the correct parity for you. On the off chance that you are progressively centred around additional separation on your drives, the lighter the better!

They have more space: most seniors are playing with drivers with too little space. Except if you can create a great deal of clubhead speed as of now, you ought to play with a higher flung driver (think 10.5 degrees – 14 degrees). I see numerous seniors playing with 9.5 degree (or less) drivers, and they are not boosting the separation that they hit the ball off the tee. Slower swing paces require higher lofts to have better dispatch edges. In addition, higher hurled drivers are additionally sympathetic and will put less side turn on the ball.

The poles are “whippier”: the slower one’s swing speed, the more “whip” they require in a pole. An ordinary flex shaft won’t flex as much as senior flex shaft. Thusly, the senior flex shaft will make more clubhead speed. Like the lighter club heads, in the event that you go to a pole that is excessively “whippy”, you’ll lose some precision, so you’ll need to tinker to locate the perfect harmony among separation and control. On the off chance that you are a senior man, I would by and large prescribe a senior flex driver. In the event that you are a senior ladies, run with a women flex shaft, as it has considerably more “whip” than a senior flex shaft.

So since we comprehend what you ought to search for in a senior driver, we should begin discussing the best ones that you can purchase today! I’ll part this article up into a wide range of areas. Ideally one of these segments will stand out to you like the most imperative factor in picking a driver.

Here are some more aides for senior golfers on the off chance that you are intrigued!

PING G400 Max

The most recent Ping driver discharges have been mind blowing prevalent. Seniors searching for the most absolution in a driver shouldn’t look past the Ping G400 Max Driver, the brand’s most lenient driver ever.

This driver is ideal for seniors searching for the best blend of separation, soundness, and pardoning. The most noteworthy absolute MOI (snapshot of dormancy) in a PING driver results in high flying, too lengthy drives. The tungsten weighting and denser back weight, including a 460cc (curiously large) structure, resulting in more absolution than in past models. 

They guarantee to have planned the most minimal focal point of gravity (CoG) driver ever too, which is a tremendous factor in how lenient a driver is. The lower the CoG, the higher the dispatch points. Also, the higher the dispatch points, the less side turn that is put on the ball and the more tightly scattering of shots subsequently. I found the opportunity to hit this driver at a demo day and was overwhelmed at how lenient the club was. Off-kilter strikes won’t feel as extraordinary, however, they will, in any case, perform well. I didn’t feel like I lost much separation on my mishits, which is a gigantic advantage when hitting a driver. 

On the off chance that you choose that absolution is the most imperative factor to you, I would suggest you get the Ping G400 Max with 10.5 degrees of space and with a senior flex shaft. This driver dispatches the ball at a high edge as of now, so you ought to approve of the 10.5 degrees of space at slower swing rates. 

So in the event that you’d preferably hit a couple of more fairways rather than hit it 10 yards longer, this is the driver for you. On the off chance that you’d preferably have the 10 yards, however, look at the Callaway Rogue Driver. 

Why the Ping G400 Max driver is the most lenient for seniors:

  • accessible in senior flex with a light shaft;
  • most elevated MOI, least COG = very high propelling;
  • larger than average club head and sweet spot = excusing on mishits;
  • thin, quick club confront is intended to expand grating and lessen turn.

best driver for slow swing speed

Callaway Rogue

Numerous golfers, perhaps a MAJORITY of senior golfers, essentially need to hit the ball longer. They most likely recollect when they could hit it 250 yards+, and they need to come as near they can to do it once more.

On the off chance that that sounds like you, look at the Callaway Rogue driver. Despite the fact that I think this driver is a tiny bit less lenient than the Ping G400 Max, it is a decent piece longer off the tee. I additionally need to take note of that this driver is likewise still VERY sympathetic, as most current drivers may be. That is not the primary centre, however.

With the enhanced (lighter) escape innovation, Callaway has made the Rogue a slight bit longer off the tee than the Epic driver. It dispatches the ball higher and longer than any driver available today. The two strong bars behind the club head increment the ball velocities and absolution over the whole club confront, which is immense, particularly for seniors! I felt like my mishits actually didn’t lose any separation whatsoever when I demoed the club at Dicks Sporting Goods. I contrasted it with my momentum driver (Titleist 910), and I increased over 12 yards by and large.

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On the off chance that I had the cash, I would lift this driver up instantly. Be that as it may, it’s a decent piece out of my financial plan. Thus, check the following area on the off chance that you are keen on a more spending cordial senior driver.

On the off chance that you do choose this driver, stay with 13.5 degrees (10.5 on the off chance that you previously hit the ball entirely high) and a pole that loads 50g or less (60g in the event that you are a solid senior with a quicker swing pace for your age).

Why the Callaway Rogue driver is the longest driver for seniors:

  • escape innovation for quicker ball speeds (and enhanced absolution);
  • X Face VFT confront structure for higher paces at an effect;
  • very light carbon club set out toward quicker swing paces;
  • Boeing enlivened optimal design for more clubhead speed;
  • accessible with a senior flex shaft and light shaft choices (50g and beneath.

best driver for slow swing speed

Cleveland Launcher HB

The initial two drivers that I referenced, contingent upon when you are perusing this article, could be effectively $350+. 

On the off chance that you are hoping to spare some cash and purchase a more spending benevolent driver, look at the Cleveland Launcher HB driver. HB represents Hi-Bore, so you realize this driver is intended to dispatch the ball at excessively high points with less turn. Cleveland has dependably been an extraordinary esteem choice for drivers, as they are a touch of a longshot in the driver showcase. They can’t legitimize charging $500 for a driver as alternate organizations can.

I believe any reasonable person would agree this is Cleveland’s longest and most sympathetic driver that they have ever discharged. They moved the weighting as low and back as could be allowed, bringing about higher dispatch, bring downturn, and more absolution by and large. They additionally moved a load from the hosel (that used to be a slight bit substantial) to low and back, further expanding the measure of load behind the face for more pardoning over the whole face.

Separation shrewd, it is about to the extent the Ping G400 Max, which is as yet amazing. Their “Launcher Cup Face” builds ball speeds, as they made the club confront a lot more slender and quicker. In general, this is undoubtedly the driver that I would purchase in the event that I was a senior. It’s the ideal blend among cost and execution, which is actually what I search for in a golf club. I would purchase the 12-degree driver with a senior flex on the off chance that I was in your shoes.

Here’s the reason the Cleveland Launcher HB is the best esteem driver for seniors:

  • Cleveland is as yet a dark horse in the driver advertise;
  • $100+ more affordable than the other two previously referenced;
  • most reduced and most profound COG for enhanced dispatch edges, bring downturn, and more absolution even with slower swing paces;
  • overly hot face for more ball speed – > more separation;
  • 460 cc curiously large head.

best driver for slow swing speed

Cobra Women’s F-Max Offset ( For Women)

Ladies’ drivers are unique in relation to men’s drivers. They are considerably lighter to enable you to make however much swing rate as could be expected. 

My best pick and one of the most astounding surveyed drivers at the season of composing is the Cobra Women’s F-Max Offset driver. With regards to value, separation, and absolution, this is the ideal combo for senior women.

The counterbalance will enable you to all the more effortlessly square the face at the effect, an issue that numerous senior ladies have. It’s an excessively light club head and stock shaft, so you ought to have the capacity to make however much club head speed as could be expected. The driver has somewhat of a draw-inclination, so it’s ideal for those that battle with cutting or missing to one side (for right-handers). The settled back load close to the heel makes it a lot less demanding to turn the face over normally, so you won’t need to physically turn the club over as a lot to hit straight shots.

With regards to absolution, this is likewise an extraordinary driver. The produced face enhances ball speeds (and hence separate) on mishits. Also, the lower COG will take some side turn off the ball and result in the straighter driver. Finally, the 15 degrees of space will be a lot less demanding to hit than one with less space. By and large, senior ladies can’t turn out badly with this driver.

Why the Cobra F-Max Offset is the best senior ladies driver:

  • accessible in women flex and 15 degrees of space;
  • overly light club head and shaft;
  • attract predisposition to make it less;
  • demanding to square the face at the effect;
  • counterbalance (in the event that you get; the driver with balance) makes it additionally lenient also;
  • larger than the average plan.


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