7 Best Disc Golf Bags on the Market

Whether you are into disc golf as a hobby or planning on pursuing it as a career, you need to have a quality backpack that can carry your stuff. As a disc golfer, from equipment such as putters to the disc themselves, you’ll need a big enough space to carry a lot of things. Not only that, you would want all of that stuff to be secure as well, hence, an appropriate disc golf bag will be a worthy investment. You can carry as many disc golf balls as you need with ease and safety. There are a variety of bags and they come in different sizes or features, we will be talking about some of the best ones on the market down below. 

Athletico Ace Frisbee Golf Bag

This one of the most durable golf bags out there and it’s pretty versatile in the sense that it provides fast and easy access. It also has a high-quality design but a lower price so that it becomes affordable to as many people as possible. The bag can hold up to 14 discs, including two putters and a 1-liter bottle.

 You can also store the disc in a removable internal partition; this will ensure that the discs are orderly and protected. There is also a side pocket that helps you hold the most commonly used discs, which only adds to the overall convenience and accessibility.


  • Easy and quick to access;
  • Easy to carry;
  • Affordable price;
  • Extremely durable.


  • Only comes in one color;
  • Has problems with balancing.
Dynamic Discs Soldier Golf Bag

The Soldier Bag from Dynamic Discs made it to the list because of its unique integration of a detachable section that includes an insulated cooler. The main compartment of the bag can hold up to six 16-ounce cans if you are not using the cooler, but if you are, then it can hold from 10 to 12 discs.

It puts a few mini pockets in the bag to store small items like pencils, wallets or scorecards. The cooler section and the double brackets are very useful if you want to use stuff during a game. If you want a less expensive package, it is it, this package will be worth every penny.


  • Comes with an insulated and detachable cooler compartment;
  • A padded and adjustable shoulder strap;
  • Comes with dual drink holder with each pocket holding up to a 1-liter bottle.


  • Has problems with the zipper;
  • The shoulder strap can be uncomfortable.

This bag is suitable for both amateur and professional disc golfers, mainly because of the consistency of this product. The Throwback Disc golf bag is designed to be very lightweight, which is good considering how much it can hold. It has five pockets for storing the disk: a large insulated main pocket and four external retractable pockets, each pocket holding at least two discs. 

Designed for all-day play and warm weather, this large, insulated main compartment easily accommodates up to 6 packs of your favorite beverage and keeps some ice cubes cold throughout the day. The maximum carrying capacity for holding the discs of this bag is 16.


  • Lightweight;
  • Huge capacity.


  • Problems with balance.
Innova Champion Discs Standard Golf Bag

Innova’s standard package is designed for people who want to carry a medium-volume disc with them but still prefer to travel lightly. The standard package can hold up to 12 disks with accessory space. It is waterproof, with an adjustable shoulder strap and a bottom reinforcement for added stability. The pocket of this bag is not special; it has two outer pockets and an internal zip pocket for storing valuables while playing.

There is also a rear compartment for scorecards, pencils, rule books and snacks. The putter can be accessed from a comfortable outer bag.


  • Can hold a lot of discs;
  • Has pockets for bottles and other accessories;
  • Affordable price tag.


  • Uncomfortable shoulder strap;
  • The bag clips are made out of plastic.

Weighing only 20 ounces, The Fade Gear Crunch is ultra-lightweight and easy to take anywhere you play. It comes in a variety of colors and is made of durable 600-D polyester canvas, so it has good water resistance. The design of the bag looks very similar to a lunch box or a freezer but with a capacity of holding 15 discs at a time. The bottom is particularly hard with four small feet to stabilize the bag so it doesn’t fall over. It comes with a relatively large 1-liter insulated beverage pocket.

Another cool feature of this bag is a double putter pocket for quick access; a high-end adjustable shoulder strap; a separate scorecard pocket; and a secure pocket for keys and other valuables.


  • Good Insulation;
  • Affordable price tag;
  • Has lots of pockets.


  • The capacity of the main compartment is small;
  • No separation for disc pockets.
The Throwback Pack 2.0

One of the best disc golf bags with a cooler, the Throwback pack 2.0 is a product is made with great quality. This is also an example of why Throwback makes the best choice if you are looking for a small disc golf bag. The bag is light but also sturdy and durable at the same So, you do not have to worry about re-purchasing the bag as it will last you for a long time. It offers several pockets inside the Bag and even on the outside and comes with two removable walls. These walls can hold up to Twenty to twenty-five discs.

You can put your drinks or water bottle in the other pockets, and it will maintain the water temperature as well. The bag also has four outer pockets which are a lot of space for you to keep your necessary belongings.


  • Dual Cooler pockets;
  • Padded shoulder straps;
  • High capacity for discs.


  • The interior mesh is smaller.
Dynamic Discs Trooper Disc Golf Bag

Another great bag from Dynamic Discs simply because of the large main compartment that can hold up to 18 discs and an upper compartment that can carry a considerable number of accessories. To help keep your items clean, the bag’s compartments allow you to place different items away from each other; it’s a great option for categorizing your gear. On another side is a bottle holder with a closed band, and on the other, a place for smaller and more valuable items such as keys, telephones, and wallets.

In addition to the low price and impressive disc capacity, the highlight of this bag is undoubtedly the convenience of carrying it. Padded shoulder straps and an ergonomic rear panel always provide maximum support, ensuring you don’t feel any discomfort during the game.


  • Good quality in terms of price;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Comfortable to use.


  • No holder for long bottles.


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