Best Affordable Blade Putters of All Time

Before going to start this article, I was doing a bit of research where I realized and figured out how swiftly the ratio, especially the interest of people has been changed in a field of sports. Like in the start of 2000 people weren’t that much aware and passionate about the golf playing buy now things are completely changed like people are taking their interest in gold and the most interesting thing is teens agers including girls are also participating and playing golf at national and international level and representing their country. It is undoubtedly such a great step, like representing your country under the banner of your passion is an amazing feeling. 

Despite this, but during the time of searching I have found so many other things, and after noticing those things I realized that I should write an article in which I can highlight those points and make things reliable for the readers with some better possibilities. 

So one of the main thing which I noticed is that there are no doubt a large number of youngsters who are a lover of golf playing but apart from their interest the thing which I realized is that they aren’t that much aware about the playing tricks like they don’t know which way, which technique, and which golf stick is best for hitting good shot and which brand is offering the best blade putters for smooth and splendid playing. 

To consider this all, I intended to highlight a short rundown about the best and affordable blade putters of all the time so through this you can easily pick the one according to your desire and make your playing smooth, amazing, and splendid without any kind of hurdles or fuss. 

So without any wasting of time, let’s get the ball rolling and explore the below-mentioned rundown regarding the best blade putters together.

Best and Affordable Blade Putters for Golfers

Before going to unveil the list of affordable blade putters, let me clear you all first, especially for the beginners that blade putters are specially designed for your beer stroke so if you guys are new and not aware that from where to buy best blade putters in an affordable range then you are at the right place.

Black O Works 2018 Putters Odyssey

Best Odyssey Affordable Blade Putters of All Time: The Black O Works 2018 Putters Odyssey

I am suggesting you this because this blade putter has come up with a super slim stroke and mid-size pistol. Secondly, this has come up with the new roll microhinge insert face. Rest it also has come up with some traditional color and alternative options with a wide range of head shape and countercore technology. So if you are in search of something best for your golf playing then I suggest you to pick this as this also come up with an affordable price range.


  • Midsize Winn AVS grip pistol option;
  • Comes up with super stroke grip counter core technology;
  • Comes up with a wide range of head shapes.


  • Great putter;
  • Excellent shaft center;
  • Reliable design;
  • Best purchase.


  • No cons have been noticed as far.
PGX SL Pinemeadow Golf Men’s Right-hand

Best Affordable Blade Putters For Beginners Of All Time: PGX SL Pinemeadow Golf Men’s Right-hand

I recommend you this blade putter especially if you are at beginner level so make sure that you are considering this as your first priority, the reason behind this, , first of all, it has come up with an affordable range, secondly, the alignment of this blade putter is incredibly amazing, thirdly its give you a perfect level of balance which is really important for a beginner as at a beginner level you have no idea how to control your balance and make a strong grip, and last but not the least, this blade putter also comes up with a headcover. 


  • Gives you an ORB 2x alignment feature;
  • Comes up with a spider grip and offset hosel;
  • 34” length with face consistent insert;
  • Gives you improve vision with clarity.


  • Lightweight;
  • Affordable;
  • Best putter;
  • Best accuracy;
  • Effective distance control.


  • No cons have been noticed as far.
Medicus Overspin CM2i Cast CS Aluminium Insert Mallet Golf Putter

Best Affordable Blade Putters For Spin Of All Time: CS Insert Mallet Aluminium CM2i Cast Medicus Overspin Golf Putter

Last but not the least, this blade golf putter is reliable for those who are in search of tremendous spinning golf putter but in an affordable range. This one is comes up with putter face grooves tracking and perfect design with an aluminum full body that is enough to provide you flexibility and accuracy in a comfortable way. Additionally, it’s over spin technology is made up just for the sake to provide you an exclusive level of cut-face design and promote your shots with better and responsive level of accuracy. 


  • Comes up with standard head weight and 35 inches shaft length;
  • Horizontal aluminum crisp, clean milled face;
  • True roll performance with CT (groove) technology;
  • Patent pending and over spin Winn feature.


  • Eliminates your skid and ball hop;
  • Gives you soft and firm feeling;
  • Offers you a true roll;
  • Affordable;
  • Increase your accuracy;
  • Improve your playing;
  • Best spinner blade putter.


  • No cons have been noticed as far.


Hope after reading the above-mentioned rundown you get an idea that which blade outer is best and reliable for you. One good and common thing in the above-mentioned rundown is that these all are affordable so anyone of you can easily buy it without having any single thought. 

So what else you want? Go and simply pick the one among the above-mentioned rundown and make your playing professional and better by picking the right blade putter according to your needs and desire.



Hi there! My Name is Vincent Lago! My goal is to share insightful reviews, guides, and manuals for people desired to know more about golf. I have years of semi-professional golf playing. And now, I want to share my experience with you.

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