Adams XTD Irons Review

The golf community has seen many brands rise, get acquired or fall over the years. This review will focus on the Adam Golf Brand and its XTD irons.

Brief History

The story began in 1983 when Barney Adams joined Dave Pelz Golf in Abilene, Texas, five years later Adams bought the assets when Pelz’s Preceptor Golf went bankrupt in 1988, He then Moved the company to Dallas, Texas in 1991. In 1998, Adams Golf went public on Wall Street, with chairman Barney Adams selected as Manufacturing Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young in 1999.

After many years of success, the brand took another lane when it was acquired by TaylorMade Golf In 2012. Adam Golf inc. started with focus on golf clubs and accessories, manufacturing premium quality, technologically advanced and innovative golf equipments such as the low center of gravity and upside-down head design known as the Tight Lies Fairway Wood.

The Golf brand high-quality craftsmanship and superior customer service, has over the years receive lots of positive reviews and loyalty from the golfers around the world due to their state of the art tools used in testing all equipments. Examples can be seen in the Advanced mass property analysis, CAD rendering and equipment durability testing.

Adams XTD Irons

Adams Golf has always been one of the best due to their boldness to introduce unique and unconventional products into the marketplace. This risky approach have been successful over the years with ideas like the Velocity Slot, length adjustment and Tri-level sole widely accepted and beneficial to golfers.

This innovative brand release of XTD Iron is another milestone in the golfing industry, as it offers special design and features that raised lots of eyebrows.

The Adam XTD irons offers excellent forgiveness, velocity cut-thru technology and high quality performance to any golfers opportune to lay his/her hands on either the Adams XTD tour irons or Adams XTD forged irons.

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The Adams XTD irons are the brand’s thinnest cast-iron face to date, which promotes maximum distance, deflection and ball speed. This Adams golf irons Center of Gravity (CG) have been repositioned to the face to correct spin and straighten off-centre hits, while its weight distribution optimizes ball flight and stabilize the club at impact.

Here are the key features and pros of the Adams XTD irons below:


The Adams XTD irons have generated diverse views on its aesthetic design. While some golfers commend it for beautiful and classic looks, others are of the views that it looks clunky. This Adams golf clubs is not only modern in features and quality but looks astonishingly different from every other golf clubs. The XTD irons look slick at address and have a black surface with touch of red and silver accenting. The cross cavity in the back looks more like a black spider with red dot in the middle with the XTD symbol in detail, enabling every golfer appreciate the beauty of the new technology upon sight.

The XTD irons well polished framed scorelines on the club face allows golfers set up properly while aligning their shots. Adams XTD iron’s artistic craftsmanship design is uniquely one of the best.

Cross Cavity

The introduction of the cross-cavity technology into the Adams XTD irons is another innovative but radical idea. This technology helps all skill level golfers ensures errant-struck shots stays on proper path.

Another advantage of the XTD irons is the Center of Gravity (CG) which was repositioned to correct spin and straighten off-center hits, while the vibration dampening system produce the right sound and feel upon every shot, thereby inspiring golfer drive through shot.

Thin Face and Cut-Thru Slot Technology

The XTD irons clubs integrated the thinner face and the Cut-Thru slot technology to ensure players easily to produce higher, longer, straighter and more consistent shots.

The XTD series thin face cast-iron is made from a 450 cast, stainless steel which is 14% thinner than previous models of irons it promoting ball speeds and launch angles while retaining Adam Golf design characteristics, such as a 28° loft on a 6-iron.

The Cut-Thru slot technology also helps increase the launch and the balls speeds, which will in turn help produce more distance.

Sound and Feel

The XTD irons produce an excellent sound that gives confidence and forgiveness after every swing. This brand sounds more like a hybrid or wood unlike other irons, this improves sound and feel can be attributed to the face impact damper which drastically reduces vibration and softens the feel a little more with nice soft ping at impact.


The Adams XTD irons technological upgrade enable golfers enjoy optimize performance. These XTD series offer all skill level golfers improved forgiveness, distance, accuracy and overall game skills.

The cross-cavity and off-the-club design keeps the ball on the right trajectory consistently, while its thin iron face and center of gravity placement optimize launch angle and feel. This top quality classy equipment also boast of KBS C-Taper 90 shafts to lower ball flight while improving overall performance.

Playability/Distance Control

The Adams XTD Tour irons is very versatile equipment for all skill level players, it affords players freedom to move high, low, left or right, while producing the right ball flight and blasts across all sorts of lies.

All this above features ensure consistent distance and ball control for high-handicappers.


Adam Golf brands are unique with their innovative approach to the world of golf. Their latest XTD series deserve more recognition as it offers lot of game improving features and functions for all skill level golfers. The level of distance and forgiveness this club offers is another reason I’d recommend it for all golfers and reading audience who would love to add another iron to their clubset.

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